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October 04, 2011 07:00 ET

Perkins Veterinary Clinic Announces October Pet Dental Care Awareness Month

PERKINS, OK--(Marketwire - Oct 4, 2011) - Perkins Veterinary Clinic announced that October is "Pet Dental Awareness Month." The month is designed to raise awareness about dental disease, a common but frequently overlooked health problem for cats and dogs. Maintaining good oral health is important for pets not only to prevent unpleasant "doggie breath," but also to reduce the risk of serious bacterial infections that can lead to heart, liver and kidney disease. The vet clinic is offering 20% off all dental cleanings during the month of October. In addition to dental care, the animal vet clinic provides wellness petcare, surgical care for cats and dogs and bovine and equine care.

Perkins veterinarian Dr. Jerry Woodall announced that October is "Pet Dental Awareness Month" at Perkins Veterinary Clinic. The animal vet clinic is offering 20% off pet dental care services.

"Maintaining good oral hygiene is an essential part of preventive petcare," said Dr. Woodall. "Just like in humans, plaque and tartar can build up along the gum line, leading to bacterial infections. If the bacteria enter the bloodstream, pets are at risk for serious heart, liver and kidney infections."

Without regular dental cleanings, plaque will build up in a pet's mouth and turn into tartar. Dental care removes plaque buildup through polishing and scaling. If plaque is allowed to turn into tartar, it can irritate the gum line, leading to swelling, bleeding and gingivitis.

Just like in humans, bad breath is a sign that a cat or dog needs pet dental care. "Many pet owners mistakenly think that 'doggie breath' comes with the territory of being a pet owner," said Dr. Wendy Murray, a veterinarian with the clinic. "In reality, bad breath is a sign of a serious, underlying oral health issue. Can you imagine how bad your breath would be if you never brushed your teeth? Basic, at-home care can go a long way to preventing oral health problems for your pet."

In addition to routine dental cleanings, the veterinarians will also demonstrate the best way to brush a dog's teeth. Pet owners should always use toothpaste made specifically for dogs. If a toothbrush is too difficult to use, a brush that fits over the finger may be easier for brushing. A diet of dry food and treats can also help break down plaque.

"Even with preventive care, emergencies happen," said Dr. Woodall. "If a piece of food becomes trapped between your pet's teeth, it is easy for a bacterial infection to develop. If your pet is drooling excessively, has difficulty eating food, or is reluctant to chew on toys, this may be a sign of an infection. I encourage all pet owners to bring their pets in for a diagnostic evaluation with a veterinarian. The faster we can treat a bacterial infection, the greater our chances of preventing serious health complications."

Pet owners who wish to schedule a petcare dental check-up may do so by visiting the veterinary clinic's website, and using the online appointment request form. The Perkins practice serves the Stillwater and Cushing communities.

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