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February 19, 2012 10:00 ET

Perkins Veterinary Clinic Observes National Spay and Neuter Awareness Day

PERKINS, OK--(Marketwire - Feb 19, 2012) - On February 21st, Perkins Veterinary Clinic is observing National Spay and Neuter Awareness Day. This day is to remind pet owners about the importance of spaying and neutering pets. The clinic is offering a 25% discount off spay or neuter surgeries performed on February 21st. This discount may also be applied to vaccines or fecal exams that are administrated in conjunction with the surgery. Veterinarian and clinic owner Dr. Wendy Murray provides comprehensive pet care for a variety of companion animals, pocket pets, some exotic pets, horses and livestock. The animal vet clinic serves the Cushing and Stillwater communities.

Perkins veterinarian Dr. Wendy Murray announced that her animal hospital, Perkins Veterinary Clinic, is observing National Spay and Neuter Awareness Day on February 21st. In observation of the day, the vet clinic is offering a 25% discount off spay and neuter surgeries, as well as vaccines and fecal exams for pets receiving the surgery.

"Spaying or neutering a pet is one of the most important pet care decisions that an owner can make to protect his or her pet's health," said Dr. Murray. "National Spay and Neuter Awareness Day is an important opportunity to raise awareness about the benefits of spaying or neutering your pet. Spay and neuter surgery offers important preventive health benefits and behavioral benefits, in addition to decreasing the unwanted animal population."

According to Dr. Murray, spaying reduces the risk of uterine infections and breast cancer. Breast cancer is fatal in 90 percent of cats and 50 percent of dogs. Spaying also keeps female animals from going into heat, which eliminates undesirable behavioral, like howling and urinating all over the house in an effort to attract male attention.

Neutering also helps to keep a male's attention focused on his family, rather than on finding a mate. Dr. Murray says that this reduces the risk of escape, especially for male cats who often end up in fights while trying to attract a mate.

"Many pet owners are concerned that spaying or neutering will negatively affect their pet's personality," said Dr. Murray. "That truly is not the case. If anything, these operations help pets stay focused on their family, rather than on finding a mate, which means pets are affectionate, loyal and won't be spraying your home with urine!"

In conjunction with National Spay and Neuter Awareness Day, Dr. Murray is encouraging pet owners to visit the animal clinic for more information about the benefits of spay surgery. While the surgery is traditionally performed before a female reaches six months of age or her first time in heat, the surgery can be done at any point in a female's life.

"We recognize that any surgery, no matter how routine, can be stressful for both a pet and the owner," said Dr. Murray. "As a veterinarian, I am committed to doing everything possible to ensure spay and neuter operations are a safe, non-traumatic experience for pets."

Following the operation, pets are kept briefly at the vet clinic to monitor their recovery, before being released back to their owners with pain medication and detailed pet care instructions.

Pet owners who wish to take advantage of the 25% off spay special may visit the clinic's website at:

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