October 25, 2005 02:39 ET

Permanent Storage Appliance from PowerFile Addresses New Requirements for Long-Term Archive

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(CCNMatthews - Oct 25, 2005) -

PowerFile SA2000 Combines the Speed of Primary Storage with the Economy and Longevity of Traditional Archive to Deliver Innovative Online Archive Solution

PowerFile, Inc., the worldwide leader in online archive solutions for long-term storage of fixed digital content, today announced general availability of the PowerFile SA2000 Permanent Storage Appliance™. Integrating a Network Attached Storage (NAS) server and DVD libraries into one easy-to-configure solution, the SA2000 addresses today's increasing long-term storage requirements.

Due to the emergence of regulatory retention requirements, organizations need to store important data in an unalterable format, and then quickly retrieve it as needed. By combining the rapid retrieval of online access with permanent, non-erasable media, the SA2000 Permanent Storage Appliance is able to satisfy the most stringent retention requirements.

"Traditionally, storage was divided into two distinct categories, online or archive," explains Kirk Dunn, CEO of PowerFile. "Data was online and accessible, or it was offline and unavailable. But records retention requirements have changed. High-value data that is not meant to be altered needs to be readily available online, but at a lower cost than solutions designed for dynamic, transactional data. With the announcement of the SA2000, PowerFile is bringing to market a new and innovative approach to standards-based long term storage."

Unbeatable Benefits

To meet the demands of online archive, the SA2000 includes a high-performance Microsoft® Windows® powered NAS server, up to 10 archive libraries, and powerful storage management software. Together, the three components offer an unbeatable combination of fast data retrieval, high survivability, and cost efficiency. Benefits include:

-- Performance - Intel Xeon processor, redundant gigabit Ethernet ports, DDR ECC memory, and hardware RAID guarantee maximum performance

-- Scalability - Incremental capacity from 1TB to 17TB provides future flexibility required by growing organizations

-- Availability - Redundant, hot-swappable disk drives, power, cooling, network ports and hardware RAID 5 for maximum availability

-- Reliability - WORM-based caching and policy-based management to automatically migrate to DVD guarantee data permanence

The award-winning DVD libraries that are bundled with the SA2000 can archive terabytes of critical data on industry-standard DVD media that can be read by any standard DVD drive. Archive quality DVD media has been proven by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to have an expected lifespan of more than 50 years. In contrast, current disk-based and tape-based methods are susceptible to mechanical failure and require costly data migration every three to five years.

The SA2000 system comes pre-configured with powerful storage management software that allows multiple DVD libraries to be combined into a single, large volume. Advanced features such as Write Once Read Many (WORM) caching and DVD/library replication ensure data integrity and availability.

Pricing & Availability

The SA2000 Permanent Storage Appliance is fully available through select PowerFile channel partners with an MSRP starting at $14,995 for 1TB.

About PowerFile

PowerFile, Inc. is the worldwide leader in online archive solutions designed specifically for long-term storage of fixed digital content. PowerFile's award-winning solutions combine the speed of online access with the economy and integrity of traditional archives to empower organizations of all sizes to efficiently manage and preserve valuable digital assets. PowerFile product offering consists of intelligent storage management software and cost-effective, robust hardware.

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