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Perricone Week, Day Five: Introduces the Top 10 Products From "Super" by Dr. Nicholas Perricone

SACRAMENTO, CA--(Marketwire - Mar 30, 2012) - "Super" by Dr. Nicholas Perricone, MD, is unlike other skincare product lines because it utilizes a different type of active ingredients -- super foods, which are derived from some of the healthiest foods that should be in every individual's diet. The latest article by "Perricone Week" -- Friday - Super Foods for the Skin: Top 10 Products from Super by Dr. Nicholas Perricone compares 10 of the most popular -- and most effective -- products from this line, which can all be found at

One of the top products that should be on every skin-conscious consumer's list is the "Super" Lush Lips formula -- a shiny lip product full of hydrating ingredients like Tocotrienols and coconut oil. This is no ordinary lip balm -- it offers so many benefits and active ingredients for the lips. Who wouldn't want softer, smoother and healthier lips? To find out more, visit or click

The Firming Activator is another key product in the "Super" by Dr. Nicholas Perricone line, and for good reasons -- this toner provides superior benefits for aging skin, helping to target signs of environmental damage that typical toners can't tackle. Why not try a toner that can exfoliate, moisturize and bring important active ingredients to the skin? To find out more, visit or click

For anyone who has tried many anti-wrinkle products with no success, the Crinkle Eraser is a great daily serum that can make a world of difference in aging skin. Red Algae provides the important ingredient Astaxanthin, which improves elasticity and tightens sagging skin. This product is sold at Ready for a firmer and more supple complexion? To find out more, visit or click

Find answers to all these questions and much more on choosing the top 10 products by Dr. Nicholas Perricone and achieving great skin at

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