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February 01, 2012 19:29 ET

Personal Bankruptcy Lawyers Forced to Reduce Rates as National Bankruptcy Filings Decline

Macey Bankruptcy Law Partner Jeffrey Aleman Says Despite the Declining Bankruptcy Market, His Firm Will Continue to Offer Clients Unparalleled Bankruptcy Protection Services

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - Feb 1, 2012) - Last year's 12 percent drop in bankruptcy filings may be good news to consumers, but for the lawyers who represent them it could mean a substantial blow to the budget.

According to a recent business report from Bloomberg News, personal bankruptcy attorneys had to reduce retainer fees by an average of 9 percent in 2011 to adjust for the declining demand for bankruptcy protection.

As Partner at one of the largest consumer bankruptcy firms in America, Jeffrey Aleman was interviewed by reporters at Bloomberg about his knowledge on this pressing issue.

Quoted in the article Aleman says he's gone through market declines before and that the offices of Macey Bankruptcy Law are "in this for the long term."

"I've been doing this for 15 years. There are ups and downs -- bankruptcy is cyclical. Either economic, or a change in the laws, there's some major change usually about every five years," Aleman says.

Furthermore, they say they are using the downturn in bankruptcies as incentive to improve. Macey Bankruptcy Law has the resources to continue providing clients with unbeatable service at an affordable price, even in a declining market. "We're trying to be more creative," says Aleman, "we're using our dollar more wisely now than ever before."

Aleman says he has seen the bankruptcy market cycle like this before and it always bounces back. He also ensures that Macey Bankruptcy Law will still be offering superior services when it does. "When creditors are again lending and giving credit, people will get into trouble again. When they do, we will be there to help."

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