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July 31, 2012 09:00 ET

Personal Cell Sciences Announces "U Autologous": "Skincare Made From You"

A Revolutionary New Line of Skincare Based on Your OWN Stem Cells

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Jul 31, 2012) -  In one of the most groundbreaking forays into the use of regenerative medicine for cosmetic purposes, Personal Cell Sciences is delighted to announce the launch of a revolutionary new range of anti-aging topical skincare products, U Autologous, created using the healing and regenerative power of your own adult stem cells.

Clinically proven to reduce appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and signs of photo-aging, Personal Cell Sciences' 'U Autologous' anti-aging skincare line includes a firming serum, moisturizer and eye cream made just for you, literally. Each formulation is genetically unique and custom blended in the Personal Cell Sciences laboratory based on the key ingredient derived from the individual's own stem cells.

While there have been recent developments in the use of stem cells in beauty creams, this is the first time the incredible regenerative power of autologous (derived from the same individual's body) adult stem cells has been used in a skincare product and the results are set to take the anti-aging industry by storm.

The Process: Unwanted fat (60 ml. or 1/4 cup) is removed through a mini-liposuction and delivered to American CryoStem Corporation's (OTCQB: CRYO) clinical laboratory where the stem cells are extracted and processed. A portion of these stem cells are then cryo-preserved and stored for your future use in regenerative medicine, while the remaining portion is used to create your unique Autokine-CM™ (a blend of cytokines, growth factors, and matrix proteins unique to each individual secreted from adult stem cells). Autokine-CM™ is then carefully hand blended with antioxidants, peptides and some of the most advanced anti-aging ingredients available to create your very own bespoke skin care suite.

This entire process, from the mini-liposuction to the delivery of the serum, moisturizer, and eye cream takes between 4-5 weeks, depending on individual's stem cell growth rates. The stem cells obtained during this process are then cultured by Personal Cell Sciences to create enough new stem cells to deliver a lifetime supply of personalized products monthly.

How to Initiate: As the 'U Autologous' line is an entirely custom-made range of products, the initial mini-liposuction procedure is conducted through a local participating cosmetic surgeon and is arranged via a Personal Cell Sciences concierge representative online or over the phone. Once your personalized skincare line is hand formulated, it is delivered right to your door via Express Mail at the start of each month.

Cost: For the initial month (which includes the mini-liposuction physician fee to collect your adipose tissue, stem cell processing, cell culturing and long term cryopreservation of a clinical grade sample of your cells for future use in regenerative medicine), a supply of personalized serum, moisturizer and eye cream is $3,000. After the initial month, each month's supply of the Regenerative Product Suite is $1,500. Customers are able to purchase the products individually after the initial order.

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