November 16, 2010 11:15 ET

Personal Marketing Firm SET Develops 6 Rules for Truly Turning a Job Interview Into a Job Offer

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - November 16, 2010) - SET, a personal marketing firm working with professionals and executives seeking $100,000 or more, extensively researched job markets and methods to develop six steps to go from getting interviewed to getting hired.

"Some think of interviews as an interrogation. It should be a meeting of peers," said Robert J. Gerberg, Chairman of SET. "To come out No. 1 among five to 10 other finalists requires skills and a well-developed presentation."

1. Get at what's important and focus on that, not on you
The interviewer determines what value you bring to a company, so hold off on self-promotion. Ask questions to get the interviewer to say what they're looking for and cater your answers to those needs.

2. Make people remember you
Vividly recount to the interviewer situations where you demonstrated your abilities to improve productivity or solve problems. People remember stories, and that, in turn, will make them remember you.

3. Don't skirt any objections that arise; address them
Nobody's perfect, and employers could have a variety of concerns. The key is to address the concern, showing that you feel secure. Then, redirect the conversation back on your skills.

4. Confidence is key, but doing your homework helps
Research and preparation go a long way in making you appear confident. The more you know about the position and the company, the more relaxed, informed and knowledgeable you'll be. And that's the formula for confidence. 

5. Read the interviewer
Match the style of whoever is interviewing you. From social to serious, understanding who your interviewer is brings you closer to being who they're looking for.

6. Develop chemistry
A personal connection can be the make-or-break factor in getting the job. Project the right image with dress, body language, posture and preparation. Pay compliments and ask questions.

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