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March 29, 2006 17:10 ET

Pet Ecology Continues Its International Expansion With a Leading Exporter in Asia and European Consortium

The Company Accelerates Its International Penetration Into Japan, Korea, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, as Well as Throughout Europe and Canada

DALLAS, TX -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 29, 2006 --Pet Ecology Brands, Inc. (OTC: PECB) -- -- today announced that it has finalized an agreement with Tradewinds Global as its export management company for the sale of Scientific Professional Cat Litter and K-9 Fat Free Dog Treats in the international market, with a special focus on Asia. Tradewinds Global, based on Oahu, Hawaii, currently manages the export sales of multiple product lines into Asia and other select foreign markets. It focuses on the representation and distribution of high quality consumer goods in several categories including: human nutrition, fitness and pet care items. Tradewinds' primary markets include Japan, Korea, Australia, mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

With over six years of experience in international trade, the president of Tradewinds Global, Kevin Kraft, conveys, "Only a small percentage of American companies succeed in key foreign markets. Having the right information can mean all the difference in these competitive marketplaces." Tradewinds Global serves as a liaison and consultant between businesses looking to expand into foreign markets and foreign buyers seeking to purchase consumer goods from U.S. and Canadian manufacturers. Through its network of qualified and experienced distributors in Asia, Tradewinds Global interconnects world markets to optimize opportunity. It is the link between new ideas, products and services, and desirable export markets. As such, Pet Ecology's proprietary pet products with their unique characteristics such as its ultra-lightweight, clumping, flushable, environmentally safe cat litter and fat free dogs treats are ideal.

"To support our international distribution network, Pet Ecology has made a significant media commitment and plans to participate in 'Interzoo' in May, which is the largest international pet products event held every other year in Nuremburg, Germany. As Tradewinds begins to distribute our products over the next few months, Pet Ecology should yield increasing sales and branding for the Company," stated Deborah Evans, Pet Ecology's Director of Marketing. Initial orders will be shipped within the next 30 days, and management estimates this agreement could generate as much as $500,000 in additional revenue over the next six months.

The distribution agreement with Tradewinds Global will be coupled with a manufacturing and distribution agreement with a German consortium that will bring Pet Ecology's products into Europe. The consortium is comprised of a highly qualified and experienced team, which will be responsible for marketing, manufacturing and distribution throughout Europe. Ralph Steckel, President of Pet Ecology, stated, "The German consortium is positioned to sell an estimated $1.2 million of cat litter over rolling 12-month periods. This group will cover all of its manufacturing, marketing and distribution costs and will provide an ongoing revenue stream to Pet Ecology."

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About Pet Ecology Brands, Inc.

Pet Ecology Brands, Inc. has developed a revolutionary patented cat litter that destroys urine odor, clumps, and is earth-friendly. The litter is ultra-lightweight and convenient to use (3 lbs works like 21 lbs of clay/sand-based products); it is 100% flushable and safe for sewer and septic tank systems. It is completely safe for cats and our environment, and does not contain any sodium bentonite, as used in competing brands. The design helps to protect the landfills, and yet does everything that clay litters do... and more. It has the ability to help indicate certain diseases commonly occurring in cats. The technique used is similar to that found in Merck's Veterinarian Manual. However, this litter not only warns of possible illness, but may also help indicate how far along the illness may be by the color the litter changes to, thereby providing the pet owner significant additional benefits and an early warning system concerning the cat's health.

A 20 lb package configuration, which was released to the market during the week of January 9, 2006, and is designed specifically for professional breeders & kennels, will also be available for consumers in early Spring 2006.

Pet Ecology's K-9 Fat Free Dog Treats™ are the first fat free treats on the market that meet the standards of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and offer dog owners an effective means to provide their pets with a non-fat tasty treat. They are also cholesterol free and sodium free. According to U.S. News & World Report, "the number one health problem for dogs is obesity." Today, dogs are fed fat rich food and treats, and often get significantly less exercise than required to maintain an ideal weight and healthy condition. Overweight dogs are more prone to serious injury, skeletal stress, and the same complications that people experience with significant weight gain via fat rich diets, ranging from heart and lung problems, to skin and kidney diseases, to circulatory and immune system issues.

Other products anticipated being launched by Pet Ecology Brands in 2006 include the first fat free cat treat, a vitamin enhanced dog treat, a low sodium and low fat microwavable gourmet cat dinner; and two product line extensions for the Scientific cat litter line to help indicate feline pregnancy and diabetes.


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