Chewed Slippers Pet Photography

Chewed Slippers Pet Photography

May 30, 2013 11:00 ET

Pet Photography Studio Opens in Edmonton with a Unique 'Bark'

EDMONTON, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - May 30, 2013) -

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Edmonton pet photography studio Chewed Slippers is now open for business, offering in-studio and on location shooting for public and commercial clients. Chewed Slippers makes it easy and fun to include your furry pack mates in your next family photo shoot. Amanda and Lorena's relaxed shooting style means that everyone can play and run around like they always do. And since both photographers are taking pictures at the same time, you'll be done before anyone can run through a really big mud puddle. It'll make Fido so happy...

Dear Family,

I know you can't take me when you go out for fish and chips and I forgive you for leaving me with the old folks when you went away last month. But I heard you talking about booking family photos next week and I really want to go with you. Please, please, please, can I come too?

I know what you're going to say: "Too much work, dog!" But if you Google it, you'll find Chewed Slippers - a photography studio that specializes in taking pictures of dogs and the people they love. I promise it'll be easy, relaxed and fun. And best of all, our whole pack will be together.

Here's some information that the Chewed Slippers photographers, Amanda and Lorena, gave me when I messaged them on Facebook:

  1. Our shoot will be fast and easy: With two trained and experienced dog-loving photographers working as a team, we'll be done before you can say: "stay away from that mud puddle"! Plus, we'll get two different styles, angles and looks - wide shots with all of us playing together and close ups to catch when I put one ear up and one down (I know you love that).
  2. We can go to them: We can schedule a shoot at Chewed Slippers' pet-friendly studio. It's just been newly renovated to accommodate furry guys like me and tricked out with doggy-sized props and furniture.
  3. Or they'll come to us: We could go to our favourite puppy park and get pictures of us doing our thing - you know, jumping, running, playing, sniffing, more running, more sniffing. Oh yeah, and remember my Frisbee - I bet I look pretty impressive with that thing.
  4. Relax and have fun: Don't worry about getting us all to sit and pose, just let us loose and relax. Amanda and Lorena want us to have fun and just be our beautiful selves. We'll probably do a bunch of totally charming stuff, you know, like we usually do.

Lorena and Amanda will make the whole experience simple and fun. And looking at their portfolio, I know you're going to love the fresh original photos you'll get of us just being ourselves. Don't worry Mom, Chewed Slippers knows exactly what they're doing, they love kids and dogs, and we're going to have a really wonderful time.

Love, your best friend, Ruff

P.S. If you please let me come with you, cross my heart I'll take as many baths as you want, stop burying things in your garden and never ever eat the cat's food again.

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