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March 17, 2011 09:35 ET

Pet Professors are New Media Darlings

WATFORD, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - March 17, 2011) -

Editors Note: There is a photo accompanying this press release.

Move over Aleksandr Meerkat because two outspoken new characters have just hit cyber-space. Professors G.Rowl and P.Urr have launched their own Facebook page www.facebook.com/PetProfessors and they promise to tell it like it is, giving dog and cat owners an insight into the secret lives of pets and their problems. Smarter than the average guinea pig, these two Vet's pets actually set up their own YouTube and Twitter accounts, too!

Most pet owners need a helping hand from time to time with the big questions:

  • Why is my cat such a fussy eater, but my dog will eat anything, including poo?
  • Why do cats put on weight and dogs slow down?

The Pet Professors promise to spill the beans. Expect to be shocked, startled and surprised. The pair were discovered by Hill's Pet Nutrition, experts in the field of pet nutrition, to provide answers to challenging and sometimes embarrassing pet care questions.

Just like the most popular on-screen duos, the pair have obvious chemistry but there is a definite underlying tension that will make them compulsive watching. Straight-talking Professor G.Rowl finds it hard to 'pussy foot' around Russian Blue Professor P.Urr, a French lass who is very conscious of her fine pedigree and glossy good looks. He tries to stick to the point with the tenacity of a terrier; hardly surprising, given his breed.

In true chat show style, our hosts will tackle some controversial issues – Are those extra sips of milk really going to turn you into a furry Elvis? And, how do you rediscover your inner puppy as old age catches up? It can't help that Professors P.Urr and G.Rowl must face the added risk of losing control in front of the audience after a whiff of catnip or the appearance of a frisbee. Expect some candid and confessional moments.

Check out their Facebook page (www.facebook.com/PetProfessors), follow them on Twitter or watch their videos on YouTube. All the beautiful people will be tuning in. Just remember to hide the remote control before you leave your pets alone in the house…

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