January 24, 2013 09:55 ET

Peter Leeds-The Penny Stock Professional-Issues Warning Against Binary Options Trading

NEW YORK, NEW YORK--(Marketwire - Jan. 24, 2013) -

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Stock market analyst and expert on penny stock investing, Peter Leeds, has issued a warning against binary options trading. Leeds is the author of several books about penny stocks, including Invest in Penny Stocks [John Wiley & Sons], and is the editor of the widely followed Peter Leeds Penny Stock newsletter.

"Binary options," explains Leeds, "are the latest fad, but there are all sorts of risks and dangers that investors aren't understanding. The individuals who fell for the wide spread and ridiculous stock picking robot scam a while back are the same types who are buying into this passing craze."

Leeds explains that the odds are very harsh and stacked against binary options traders. "That's why you won't hear anybody talking about binary options six months from now."

"There's no better mousetrap, and no substitution for diet and exercise in weight loss. In the same light, the best way to consistently profit from trading in the stock market is by finding high quality companies which are growing."

"Penny stock investing has all the speed and potential rewards of binary options," comments Leeds, "but without the dramatic downside. Why trade in the options of the underlying companies, when you could own actual stock of an up and coming company and profit as that stock increases in value?"

Leeds, along with his analysis team, receive no compensation from the penny stocks they profile to their worldwide Peter Leeds Penny Stock subscriber base. They also have numerous education sites to help penny stock investors protect themselves from easily avoidable pitfalls in the speculative stock markets.

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