SOURCE: Fashion Executive Peter Nygard

Fashion Executive Peter Nygard

August 01, 2012 03:00 ET

Peter Nygard, Fashion Executive, Launches Peter Nygard For Life: Highlighting Nygard Charities and Fashion

WINNIPEG, MB--(Marketwire - August 01, 2012) -  Peter Nygård, a worldwide fashion mogul and owner of Nygård International and all of its different clothing divisions, hereby announces that he has launched a new all-encompassing Web site for visitors to view that will introduce them to all that Peter Nygård is about as a fashion executive and as a person. The new Web site is located at the URL of and the public is hereby invited to review the Web site and to enjoy its different sectional offerings.

Peter Nygård, a world-renowned fashion designer and business executive whose line of clothing has been available in retail outlets across the world for decades, hereby announces that he has launched a new Web site that will provide users with insight into several aspects of his life and his philanthropic and professional efforts. This Web site will include several different sections focusing on the latest Nygård clothing lines and Peter Nygård's passion for philanthropy.

Specifically, the new Peter Nygård Web site is located at the URL of, and it includes biographical information that relates to the life of Peter Nygård, beginning with his birth in Finland, his move with his family to Canada when he was 9 years old, his educational background and of course his start in the fashion industry. The site features articles regarding the latest clothing lines from Nygård fashion and highlights various charitable activities that are dear to Peter Nygård.

These categories will include Peter Nygård News, where Web site visitors will be able to keep up with the latest stories that involve Mr. Nygård. There are also sections of news-related content that will provide users with updates specific to his fashion world efforts. These sections are called Latest Lines and The Runway.

Finally, given the amount of time and money that Peter Nygård has dedicated to different types of charities including sports teams in The Bahamas and breast cancer research, a channel on the Web site is included that covers the different specific charitable efforts that Mr. Nygård has made and continues to make in the future. These efforts will include those made by Mr. Nygård personally and those advanced by Nygård International.

About Peter Nygård
Peter Nygård is a fashion executive who started a company known as Nygård International. Since then, the company has grown into five different divisions and has a market reach across North America, Europe and other parts of the world. It has been said that Peter Nygård is larger than life, Mr. Nygård remains active within the world of philanthropy and is a supporter of breast cancer research and athletic teams in The Bahamas.

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