July 26, 2011 06:06 ET

Petrochemical Plants Get Green Credit With KEMROK™ Cement

Major Petrochemical Companies Adopting KEMROK™ Cement From CERATECH, Inc. for Its Durability and Corrosion Resistance Are Now Also Using It Because It Gains Them "Green Credits" Through Better Compliance With Environmental Programs

ALEXANDRIA, VA--(Marketwire - Jul 26, 2011) - Petrochemical companies using KEMROK™ cement in their facilities because of durability are expanding usage to satisfy regulatory requirements for sustainability. "They first used the product because it provides far better corrosion resistance than conventional concrete," explained CERATECH's Executive Vice President, Mark Wasilko. "But it also rates much higher in sustainability. Since petrochemical facilities consist largely of concrete, using our 'green' product can improve the likelihood of getting approval from government and regulatory officials for a new plant," stated Wasilko.

KEMROK™ consists almost completely of recycled materials, and is virtually carbon-neutral. The portland cement used in conventional concrete is generally 100% virgin material and generates about one ton of carbon dioxide for each ton of cement produced. KEMROK™'s recycled content alone is a significant factor in achieving a high rating on most sustainability scales. The widely-used LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) program awards up to two points for recycled content this high. Substitution of low-carbon materials raises a project's rating on many scales as well.

Roger Simons, Vice President and Owner of Widgeon Construction in Orange, Texas, states, "We've been involved in many projects that used recycled material in the cement or the concrete, but none of the other products have the testing and track record in resisting acids and extreme temperatures that KEMROK™ has." To date, Simons has supervised 42 pours of KEMROK™ at petrochemical facilities replacing concrete infrastructures that have deteriorated from heat and chemical exposure.

KEMROK™ is made of 95% recycled coal ash and 5% renewable materials. Most of the ash would otherwise be sent to a landfill. The ingredients require no significant processing. In contrast, production of portland cement involves decomposing limestone, as well as burning fossil fuels, to create the high temperatures needed. These steps produce large amounts of carbon dioxide.

KEMROK™ is available as both a bulk cement and as a packaged concrete repair mix. According to Wasilko, "There is tremendous interest in the KEMROK™ cement system. We are able to offer a more cost effective, corrosion-resistant product with distinct environmental advantages."

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