SOURCE: Biofriendly Corporation

November 24, 2008 03:02 ET

Petrolina Oil Adopts Green Plus to Enhance Gasoline and Diesel Fuel in Cyprus

Green Plus Selected Because of Its Superior Capabilities

COVINA, CA--(Marketwire - November 24, 2008) - Biofriendly Corporation announced today that its Green Plus® liquid combustion catalyst has been adopted by Petrolina (Holdings) Public Ltd oil company to enhance all of its gasoline and diesel fuel. Petrolina is one of the largest oil companies in the country of Cyprus. Petrolina owns and operates Petrolina and Agip fuel stations.

The Cyprus company announced, "Petrolina, in cooperation with the US based Biofriendly Corporation, is launching new revolutionary fuels with the Green Plus liquid catalyst."

"Petrolina sought to upgrade the quality and performance of their fuel," said Jim D'Arezzo, senior vice-president of sales and marketing for Biofriendly. "Green Plus was selected based on its superior capabilities."

Green Plus has been successfully tested in certified independent laboratories on five continents. The catalytic action of Green Plus in fuel improves combustion and has been shown to improve engine performance, reduce emissions and improve fuel economy.

Petrolina products with Green Plus are high performance fuels that are available in gasoline unleaded 95 and 98 octane and low sulfur Euro diesel.

About Biofriendly Corporation and Green Plus

Under development for over 15 years, Green Plus liquid fuel combustion catalyst achieves a breakthrough combination of reduced emissions and improved fuel economy. Green Plus is added in very small quantities to fuel in order to create a more complete, cooler (fewer hot spots) and more linear burn. The product has undergone rigorous testing in the United States, Europe and Asia, and has over four billion miles of on-road/on-ocean use. Green Plus is now available commercially worldwide.

Green Plus is designed for use in diesel, gasoline and other hydrocarbon-based fuels. This patent-pending product was invented by the same innovators who created Vortoil, the award-winning oil-water separator for offshore oil production. For more information about Biofriendly Corporation, please visit their web site

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