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August 25, 2009 09:00 ET

Pets Go From Shaggy to Chic, and Feel Good Too, With the Style and Benefits of Grooming

PetSmart® Pampers Pets so They Can Love the Fur They're In

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - August 25, 2009) - Imagine going an entire year without washing your hair, clipping your nails or brushing your teeth. Hard to believe for humans, but it's a reality for hundreds of thousands of pets each year.

While professional grooming can put the sass back into the step of a favorite pet, the more important health and wellness benefits of a groom can't be overlooked. Yet, according to a recent PetSmart® (NASDAQ: PETM) survey, only about half of all pet parents are aware of the health benefits of professional pet grooming.

Short-, medium- and long-haired dogs can all benefit from the once-over professional groomers perform during every grooming visit. Regular grooming can help prevent or identify a wide variety of issues that impact the pet and pet families including:

  • Skin and paw disorders such as allergy problems or cracked pads

  • Painful mats between paws which can cause chafe and irritation

  • Bad breath and tarter leading to periodontal disease

  • Shedding, which can increase pet parent allergies or leave clumps of fur in the home

VIDEO: Demonstration of grooming techniques (Short-Haired Dog)

"Just like any other member of your family, you wouldn't neglect to take them to the doctor for a health check up, dentist for a teeth cleaning or salon for a hair trim," said Linda Erickson, PetSmart's resident pet grooming expert. "Our pets have the same basic needs. Professional grooming and basic at-home upkeep is an important way to keep pets healthy and happy."

VIDEO: Demonstration of grooming techniques (Long-Haired Dog)

Looking Good, Feeling Great

Much like human coiffures, the right cut and trim from a professional groomer can give body, bounce and shine to the most unmanageable mane. Bathing pets regularly and with the proper shampoo also helps to remove loose hair and keeps pets smelling fresh. PetSmart grooming services, such as the FURminator Shedless Treatment, reduce excess shedding and help maintain coat health, especially for pets with heavy undercoats. The treatment is ideal for shedding dogs and also for some traditionally "haircut-only" dogs, such as Terriers and Spaniels.

VIDEO: PetSmart's FURminator DeShedding Treatment

Erickson adds that pet parents can keep their pets looking and feeling great between visits to the groomer by following these simple tips:

  • When brushing pets' teeth, make sure to use a toothbrush and toothpaste specially designed for pets.

  • Dogs should be brushed before bathing and washed only with shampoos specially designed for dogs. (Human shampoos have a pH level that can be harmful to pets.)

  • Dogs with long, flowing hair should be brushed daily.

  • Dogs with short hair and heavy undercoats benefit from a brushing three to five times a week.

  • While combing and brushing, check your pet for unusual problems such as hair loss, inflammation, unusual tenderness, or lumps under the skin.

Kitty Care

Even though cats groom themselves regularly, PetSmart can lend a hand to ensure proper hygiene. PetSmart grooming salons offer cats grooming services cats can benefit from throughout their lifetime, including ear cleanings, toenail trimming and yes, even a bath once in a while. Pet parents can assist in home cat grooming and prevent fur balls their cat might otherwise swallow by regularly combing and brushing their cat's coat.

A Healthy and Happy Pet

PetSmart's top priorities are the safety, happiness and well-being of pets. PetSmart associates are dedicated to providing personal TLC to each and every pet, making them feel relaxed and comfortable. All PetSmart groomers receive ongoing training at PetSmart's grooming academy and through exclusive PetSmart training, groomers receive the education and resources to work at the highest levels in the business.

Grooming services at every PetSmart store include bathing, brushing, full-service grooming, nail clipping and grinding, teeth brushing and ear cleaning for dogs and cats. Average U.S. rates for PetSmart grooming services start at $10 per pet and vary by service and location.

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