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February 09, 2010 08:00 ET

Pfaff Tuning Announces the North American Unveiling of the TECHART Porsche Panamera 4S

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Feb. 9, 2010) - Pfaff Tuning and Pfaff Autoworks will debut the TECHART Porsche Panamera 4S at this year's Canadian International Auto Show. In addition, the Pfaff Tuning display will feature three more stunning 'tuner editions':

1. The Pfaff Tuning, Champion Porsche 911 Carrera 4S

2. The STaSIS Touring Edition of the Audi S5

3. The Pfaff Tuning, HRE Edition Audi R8

"Over the course of 46 years, Pfaff customers have come to expect not only first class customer service, but also a level of excitement they can't find at other dealerships." According to Jeff Pabst, General Manager, Pfaff Tuning.

"There is an undeniable emotional bond, or passion, between our owners and their vehicles. Not every company continues to believe this, but we do! It is at the core of everything we do. These four vehicles epitomize this passion. They are jaw-dropping examples of high-tech, leading edge excitement. I promise you, when the show doors open, the crowds will be thick around the Pfaff display. This passion, this bond still exists, just wait and see," adds Jeff Pabst.

TECHART Porsche Panamera 4S

The TECHART program offers unlimited options for those who insist on individuality.

The Pfaff North American debut vehicle, sports the latest aerodynamic body kit from TECHART. The kit features a three-part front spoiler that reduces the buoyant forces, or lift, at the front axle. In addition, it ensures optimal flow of cooling air to the braking system. A roof spoiler, a new rear wing as well as a rear apron module with integrated diffuser, enable precise aerodynamic adjustments at the rear axle.

The TECHART Panamera 4S features the company's classic 21-inch, five-spoke Formula alloy wheels. The design incorporates large spaces between the spokes resulting in a clear view of the braking system and improved heat dispersal.

Breathtakingly elegant and excitingly sporty. Uncompromising in both, its outward appearance and its inner values. The new TECHART Panamera offers unlimited options for individualization. Inimitable, with passion and reason.

Pfaff Tuning, Champion Porsche 911 Carrera 4S:

Painted in Pfaff pflatt satin black, this unique Porsche 911 is all business. There's no bling here, just passionate performance.

Wheels are Champion 20-inch forged aluminum alloy. The raw aluminum billets are subjected to 8,000 psi of force during the forging process.

The Tubi Style 997 cat back exhaust system contributes a distinctive sound. It is constructed of INOX 304 stainless steel and utilizes OEM hardware and mounting points. The system is lighter than the OEM system and runs cooler. Exhaust tips are matte black to match the exterior finish of the Pfaff Tuning, Champion Edition.

The stock engine, which already pumps out a generous 385 horsepower, has been tweaked. Pfaff invited GIAC, renowned engine tuners, to remap the engine management system in order to coax another 20 horses from the flat six.

This special Porsche is more aerodynamically efficient. Pfaff insisted Werks 1 Composites be part the program. The vehicle features a Werks 1 carbon front splitter and a carbon diffuser.

Pfaff Tuning, STaSIS Touring Edition, Audi S5

In stock trim this V-8 wonder makes a clear statement. Pfaff's upgraded tuner version draws a line in the sand.

"Too many 'tuner specials' play havoc with the delicate balance of compromises established by the engineers, according to Jeff Pabst. "Pfaff and its partners pay special attention to the ride and handling characteristics in order to develop substantial gains in performance. Ultimately, our special edition sports cars are carefully crafted, civilized vehicles that afford their owners a level of performance that surpasses the stock vehicle."

The STaSIS Touring Edition features:

- A STaSIS cat back exhaust for increased power and enhanced exhaust note

- 20 inch STaSIS alloy rims

- A lowered suspension system utilizing H&R sport springs

- A wider track: H&R 15 mm front spacers and 20 mm spacers in the rear

- GIAC performance mapping of the engine management system resulting in a 20 horsepower increase and a corresponding increase in torque

A lowered ride height combined with Audi's adaptive dampening system allows this car to provide super car handling while maintaining a comfortable ride suitable for everyday driving. The power and exhaust note are truly seductive.

Pfaff Tuning, HRE Edition, Audi R8

Painted in Pfaff's pflatt matte black finish, this R8 makes a menacing statement. It's a race car without the gaudy decals. Highlighting the package are gorgeous HRE lightweight forged aluminum alloy rims.

These rims lower the unsprung weight which in turns improves suspension management. In addition, lowering the unsprung mass also helps acceleration and deceleration.

In Germany, H&R took the time to lower the suspension. Utilizing newly developed sport springs built specifically for the R8; improvements to the R8's stability and physical appearance have been accomplished. These springs provide a lower center of gravity and reduce body roll for better handling. They also create a lower wind resistance signature which makes the vehicle more streamlined than from the factory and improve gas mileage.

"Each of these four vehicles makes a clear statement, suggests Jeff Pabst.

"They embody passion and excitement. In fact, they personify our company our management and our staff."

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