July 11, 2007 10:12 ET

Pfizer, Novartis and Sanofi-Aventis captivate pharmaceutical business researchers' interests

Analysis of Piribo.com shows areas of pharmaceutical industry preoccupation

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - July 11, 2007) - Pfizer, Novartis and Sanofi-Aventis were the three most searched for companies in the first five months of 2007 on the pharmaceutical business intelligence website Piribo.com.

Pfizer was the most popular company looked for, accounting for over seven percent of the company-related searches. The top ten companies searched for were(1):

Pfizer Inc - 7.98%
Novartis AG - 5.92%
Sanofi-Aventis - 4.35%
Wyeth - 4.11%
Merck Kga - 3.87%
Abbott Laboratories - 3.18%
Takeda Pharmaceutical Co - 3.14%
Eisai Co - 3.02%
Schering Ag - 2.82%

There were notable absences from the top 50 companies searched for: Amgen, Roche and Schering-Plough did not appear despite being in the top 20 global pharma companies by sales.

Examination of search phrases used on Piribo.com gives an illuminating insight into the interests and concerns of those interested in the pharma and biotech industries. Piribo compiled, aggregated and analysed the search phrases used more than 20 times that site visitors had used between 1 January and 30 May this year.

"As Piribo is a leading online provider of business information products for the pharmaceutical industry, activity on the website provides a unique insight into which subjects and companies are occupying the minds of those working in and with the pharmaceutical industry," commented Edwin Bailey, managing director of Piribo Ltd.

Piribo also reviewed the topics that were most searched for(2). 'Mergers' was the single most popular subject area accounting for over four percent of the top 100 searches. "It is interesting that M&A still fixates the biotech and pharma sector," commented Mr Bailey. "Perhaps the large-scale mergers of the last 18 months are an indication of things to come?" he added.

The top ten most searched for subjects were:

Mergers - 4.40%
Influenza - 3.96%
Women's Health - 2.72%
Packaging Labelling - 2.40%
Biotech Sector Information - 2.33%
OTC Women's Health - 2.06%
Biotech Report - 1.85%
Metabolomics - 1.70%
Health and Economics - 1.55%

Analysis of country-related searches by popularity shows a bias towards France, which accounted for over 19% of searches. Of note, is the rise of China and India, now both emerging major players in the world healthcare industry. Unexpectedly, the US is just tenth on the list, this maybe partly explained by the number of US site visitors looking for information outside of their domestic market. Searches for countries were(3):

France - 19.06%
India - 14.79%
Germany - 12.94%
Japan - 11.52%
China - 10.67%
UK - 8.68%
Italy - 8.39%
Australia - 7.68%
Canada - 3.27%
US - 2.99%

The data for the survey was compiled from the internal weblogs for January to May 2007 and provides a unique insight into the trends in the healthcare industry researcher.

Piribo had an average of 80,000 unique visitors every month from over 50 countries, but predominantly from the USA followed by India, Great Britain and Germany.

Notes to the data

(1) Total searches 2,482 in period (only more than 20 searches in period included in dataset, percentage is of top 50 companies searched for).

(2) Total Searches 4,117 (phrase or phrase subject used over 20 times in period. Percentage is of top 100 subject searches).

(3) Most popular country, where a country was mentioned in a search query over 20 times during the period. Percentage is of top ten countries searched for).

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