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July 08, 2014 07:00 ET

PFU iNetSec Smart Finder With New IPS Instantly Identifies and Isolates Previously Undetectable Attacks, Securing BYOD Networks

iNetSec Smart Finder Automatically Detects and Blocks APT Malware and Remote Access Trojans; Redefines "Best in Class" BYOD Management, Ease, and Net Security Economics

SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 8, 2014) -  PFU Systems Inc., a Fujitsu company and provider of network access control and security technology, today announced its latest iNetSec Smart Finder in North America, featuring new innovative features and functionality. iNetSec Smart Finder is the first comprehensive, easily-deployable endpoint visibility and network access solution integrating advanced intrusion prevention system (IPS) to automatically detect and immediately block advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks and remote access Trojans (RATs) designed to steal data from SMB and enterprise networks.

iNetSec Smart Finder discovers and neutralizes these threats by dynamically adapting to changing network conditions. It analyzes and stops malware by detecting behaviors associated with APTs and malicious programs, including communications patterns produced by running scripts within a company's network. iNetSec Smart Finder is now an all-in-one solution that combines full network visualization of all wired and wireless devices and applications used, with the addition of new IPS features.

"Mobility and BYOD force organizations to adapt to a new definition of network perimeter, and until iNetSec, network elements hadn't realistically kept up," said Larry D. Cohn, Vice President at Healthcare Systems Management Group. "It's imperative that we know who and what is active on the network in order to control network access and activities and prevent and block threats inside the networks -- without inordinate additional expense and complexity."

"Until now, organizations attacked by APT malware haven't been able to always detect these attacks via traditional antivirus or signature-only based IPS technologies or sandbox based technologies," said Carmine Clementelli, network security product manager, PFU. "Today's attacks often disguise themselves as routine business communications, such as email transmissions or web traffic, and can lie dormant for long periods of time."

Increasing the dangers of web-based threats, RATs are able to bypass signature detection and other standard forms of perimeter security. These infections can easily spread and last months -- or even years -- before they are identified, as discovery is extremely difficult at the exit points of networks. iNetSec Smart Finder enables wired and wireless device and application discovery, classification and management and IPS behavioral malware detection, all designed to monitor, prevent and block cyber threats from inside of networks.

Key features of iNetSec Smart Finder include:

  • Endpoint visibility and access control - Discovers all wired and wireless devices on the network, including smartphones, tablets, Windows and Macintosh computers, printers, routers and other IP-based peripherals. Allows IT to easily control and manage network access while applying a preventative security approach by allowing only approved devices on the network.
  • Applications management - Provides control over application usage within the company's network in order to prevent usage of application with higher risk level. IT can prohibit specific applications from specific internal subnets of the network.
  • Behavioral IPS and APT malware detection - Detects and immediately blocks APT malware attacks by behavior and RATs internally. This functionality prevents data from being stolen from the network.
  • Agentless - No agent software is installed on the connected network devices, making iNetSec Smart Finder non-intrusive and with no software to manage or update.
  • Not in line - Rapid installation in less than two hours with no network disruption, no downtime and no bottlenecks, all with zero network latency.

PFU Systems reports that a majority of network security incidents originate within network firewalls. Endpoint visibility is the new perimeter and organizations need to focus more on internal network security.

Healthcare, Education and Administrative Breaches
According to the 2014 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report, there were more than 16,000 incidents of unintentional exposure of sensitive information, constituting an insider breach, in the last year alone. The sectors identified by Verizon as the worst offenders of these incidents include public networks, administrative networks, and healthcare. Incidents can include an employee sending an e-mail with an attachment or uploading a document to a cloud storage platform that contains proprietary information. 

"With Wi-Fi networks and mobility there is no longer a defined network perimeter, so a reliable internal security solution such as iNetSec Smart Finder must be able to continually monitor the Wi-Fi network to see what is on it," explained Clementelli. 

The iNetSec Smart Finder is about the size of a wireless router and is ideal for medium size networks. The latest version of iNetSec Smart Finder is available immediately, starting at $6,995. For more information, please visit

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