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April 12, 2012 14:08 ET

PharmaCare Focuses on Healthy Living, in Business Review Australia

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - Apr 12, 2012) - In a report in Business Review Australia, Michael Halter explains how PharmaCare is promoting healthy living on a global scale.

Releasing between 70 and 90 new products a year, PharmaCare Laboratories Pty Ltd has become the maker of countless recognisable healthcare products -- including Nature's Way, Sambucol, Ease-a-Cold and Bioglan -- on the market today. Customers span the globe in over 40 countries and now, the Sydney-based company improves lives through fostering global support for natural healthcare alternatives.

PharmaCare's History

PharmaCare has been privately-owned since 1985 when it was started "with an idea and no money," says Group Operations Manager Michael Halter. Although the fragrance and cosmetics seller did well when consumers needed a quick gift around the holidays, the opportunity for PharmaCare to purchase pharmaceutical products meant steadier revenue and the company's focus shifted to specialise in the natural healthcare market.

Reaching out to multinational corporations that had moderately successful products popular within a local niche market, PharmaCare approached a mounting number of companies with the intent of acquiring a stagnant brand and breathing new life into it.

Nature's Way became PharmaCare's first major acquisition from Roche Products in 2000 and revenue from the vitamin and supplement line has increased from $3.5 million in 2000 to more than$74 million in the current fiscal year. PharmaCare uses Australian manufactures whenever possible but also imports products from India, the USA, New Zealand, Germany, Israel and China.

"We pride ourselves on being a sales and marketing company and acquiring brands that are unloved or run down, but are still have very good recall with consumers in the particular market," says Halter. "We then re-invent the brand to make it relevant again to the consumer."

To tailor their products in a way that is appealing to the customer, PharmaCare literally took to the streets. Halter explains, "We spend a lot of time traveling the world and talking to retailers and consumers to discover exactly what customers want."

Using Vitamin C as an example of a supplement that has been around for decades, Halter points to the fact that PharmaCare must constantly keep up with developments and changes in the industry to maintain consumers' attention and brand loyalty.

"If you want to advance your market, you need to come up with something different," he says. "Otherwise it just becomes a commodity and it's not exciting. It's not fun."

Flexibility & Innovation

Meeting customers' needs and adapting to a fluid market also means PharmaCare must be diligently flexible and able to roll with the punches. "We're great innovators," says Halter. "We look at the different markets and try to carve out either a niche or a major launch."

The ability to learn from trial and error -- to practice a fearless approach to new acquisitions and marketing techniques -- also has its benefits, especially in an economy which has created a feeling of fear and hesitancy.

"Many competitors pull back in tough times and are not prepared to take a risk, we're a risk taker," says Halter. "Not every great idea succeeds, but we have a lot of fun in that respect as well. We're prepared to give it a go and get that product onto the market very quickly."

While many large multi-nationals may take years to push a product to market, as a privately-owned company, PharmaCare is able to nimbly assess and act in a fast-paced environment, giving it the competitive edge.

"When we see an opportunity we move very quickly," says Halter. "If we see an idea and a concept that looks like an opportunity we can get the product into the marketplace in weeks rather than months."

New ideas and innovation are encouraged throughout the company, rather than solely dictated using a top-down approach. "Direction doesn't just come from the owner or the management team," says Halter. "If one of our marketers has a good idea and the conviction that they have a winner, we'll support that idea."

Healthy Incentives for Employees

Employee involvement in decision making and overall satisfaction in the workplace is an obvious perk of working in an office whose products promote a healthy lifestyle. "We want people who get out of bed in the morning and can't wait to get to work. This is key to PharmaCare's success," says Halter.

The Sydney office was built three years ago to specifically meet the unique needs of the company. An in-house gym and childcare is available for PharmaCare employees, as well as an on-site barista and daily smoothies for lunch.

"We do promote the healthy lifestyle and the benefits of good eating habits as well," says Halter. "We do practice what we preach."

Building a Healthier Future

Looking towards PharmaCare's future in the natural health products industry, "We have no horizon," says Halter. "There are plans in place to grow this business as fast as we can." PharmaCare is hopeful their focus on complementary medicines and a holistic, healthy approach to life is catching on.

"In Australia, the consumer, the man in the street, wants a natural alternative to a prescription drug that will assist their general well-being and enhance a healthy lifestyle," says Halter, "and as long as there is a demand for natural healthcare products, PharmaCare will meet the needs of the everyday consumer."

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About PharmaCare

Founded over 25 years ago in Sydney, PharmaCare now offers hundreds of health and fitness products to customers in over 40 countries. Household brands include Nature's Way, Sambucol, Ease-a-Cold and Bioglan. The company works actively to promote a holistic approach to healthy living.

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