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May 14, 2015 15:47 ET

Phil Pustejovsky Announces 5 Million Views on YouTube

DAYTONA BEACH, FL--(Marketwired - May 14, 2015) - Phil Pustejovsky has announced that the popular YouTube channel he has devoted to creative real estate investing has achieved 5 million views. Pustejovsky, an expert in creative real estate investment strategies and a best-selling author, posts videos to the channel on a regular basis and has quickly developed a devoted following.

Phil Pustejovsky, a best-selling author and a creative real estate investment expert, has announced that his popular YouTube channel has achieved yet another milestone. The channel, which is devoted to helping others achieve the type of financial security Pustejovsky enjoys through creative real estate transactions, recently reached 5 million views, a reflection of the widespread popularity of the renowned investment strategies used by Pustejovsky in real estate.

The continued success of the channel should come as no surprise, as Pustejovsky is highly regarded in the real estate industry for his ability to employ creative real estate strategies when buying and selling properties. These strategies, which are discussed in his book and through his YouTube channel, have led to the need for the widespread availability of a Creative Real Estate Certification Course. Through this course, Pustejovsky provides a wealth of information that ultimately leads to the kind of credibility that can only come from a highly respected certification.

"I am very humbled by the fact that my creative real estate investment advice has appealed to so many people that my YouTube channel has been viewed so frequently," said Pustejovsky. "It is truly an honor that so many people recognize that there are many ways to utilize creative investment strategies in real estate. I cannot even estimate how many people have contacted me to express how these strategies have enabled them to achieve a level of financial independence that they had never before thought possible."

Pustejovsky also noted that he plans to continue to regularly post new videos that detail all of the latest developments relating to real estate and creative transaction strategies. While he has expressed surprise that the YouTube channel has caught on so quickly, he was quick to note that there was never any doubt in his mind regarding the strategies he has consistently championed in his videos.

"Every subject that I address on my YouTube channel is something with which I have had firsthand experience," said Pustejovsky. "These strategies are all 'tried-and-true' in that I have benefited from them personally and only want to see others benefit in a similar way. It is for this simple reason that I wrote my book, created the certification program and shared all of my videos, and I will continue to do so as long as these strategies continue to benefit others."

About Phil Pustejovsky:
Phil Pustejovsky is a real estate investing expert, full time investor, best-selling author, YouTube superstar and as founder of Freedom Mentor, one of the leading real estate mentors in the world. At the beginning of his business career, he struggled and eventually went homeless. A mentor took Phil under his wing and guided him to success. Today Phil is a passionate about mentoring others and sharing the wealth of wisdom he has gained from a lifetime of experience.

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