SOURCE: Louis P. Bucky, MD, FACS

Louis P. Bucky, MD, FACS

April 09, 2015 07:01 ET

Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon Reveals Keys to Achieving Excellent Facelift Results

Louis P. Bucky, MD Highlights Various Techniques He Employs to Help Ensure Patients Achieve Optimal Facelift Results With Minimal Recovery

PHILADELPHIA, PA--(Marketwired - Apr 9, 2015) - "Cosmetic facial enhancement is an area in which I have a unique expertise, and I consider facelift surgery one of my favorite operations to perform," states Dr. Louis P. Bucky, a board certified plastic surgeon in Philadelphia. As a result, Dr. Bucky says he has devoted much of his medical career to improving the outcomes patients are able to achieve from facelift surgery by honing his technique as well as enhancing pre and postoperative care offered at his practice.

"The history of facelift surgery has really been an understanding of anatomy and, ultimately, technical refinements that allow one to achieve a natural result," the Philadelphia plastic surgeon notes. "So if you understand the anatomy and the aging process, you can restore a patient's facial appearance by lifting tissues that have descended, adding fat to areas that have lost volume with fat transfer, and improving quality of skin through treatments such as laser resurfacing to really impact all three major aspects of facial aging."

In addition to the technical aspects of facelift surgery, Dr. Bucky explains that another major component of attaining optimal outcomes is what he refers to as "expectation management" for patients. "I'm keenly interested in what patients see, whether it's in a photograph or in the mirror. To identify what their specific concerns are, we photograph patients beforehand using both standard photography and 3D imaging, as well as look at them in the mirror because people often see themselves differently in various visual modalities. If I can see what the patient sees based on this photo and mirror analysis, then I am better able to devise an operation that treats what concerns them the most."

Lastly, Dr. Bucky emphasizes the importance of minimizing downtime after surgery to improve patient satisfaction. "People today don't want to recover for a six week period following facelift surgery, and who's to blame them?" he writes in a recent blog post regarding the facelift recovery process. For this reason, he utilizes a gentler, water-based technique to separate facial tissues during surgery, and he also offers vitamin regimens, lymphatic massage therapy, and personalized care from his nursing staff after the operation, all of which help to limit bleeding, bruising, and postoperative discomfort for patients. Most of his patients are back to work in approximately two weeks, which he says seems to be an acceptable timeframe for excellent results that can last about eight to ten years.

In the end, when asked what he believes makes the most significant impact on achieving exceptional outcomes, Dr. Bucky referred once again to surgical technique. "I think the concept of tumescent infiltration, limited incisions, and midface fat transplantation allow patients to obtain excellent, natural-looking results with the shortest recovery to date."

About Louis P. Bucky, MD, FACS

After earning his medical degree from Harvard Medical School, Dr. Bucky went on to complete his residencies in both general and plastic surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. He later completed Fellowships in Breast Cancer Reconstruction and Craniofacial Surgery at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and Miami Children's Hospital, respectively. Dr. Bucky is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and he maintains active membership in several prestigious medical organizations, including the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. He is available for interview upon request.

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