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October 18, 2010 09:00 ET

Philadelphia Union Scores Big With UNEQUAL Insoles

Soccer Team Reduces Aches and Pain With UNEQUAL Technologies' Chronic Impact Shock-Absorbing Insoles

PHILADELPHIA, PA--(Marketwire - October 18, 2010) -  The Philadelphia Union ( soccer team is scoring big this fall with UNEQUAL Technologies. UNEQUAL Technologies (, the premier provider of shock-blocking sports products with a focus on footcare, today announced that they are outfitting the Union team with the company's UNEQUAL® Thin Sporty Insoles. In an effort to help reduce the painful aftermath of running up and down the soccer field, UNEQUAL Technologies provided the team with shock-absorbing insoles that were specifically designed and contoured for cleats. These insoles significantly lessen the chance of injury on and off the field by blocking chronic impact shock ("CIS") up to 80%. 

UNEQUAL® Insoles are the world's only patented insoles utilizing high-tech fibers like Aramid (e.g., DuPont's Kevlar® is a type of aramid), which have incredible shock-blocking properties that dramatically reduce impact force (from bullets to CIS). CIS is a force equal to up to five times a player's weight that radiates up through the body each time a foot hits the ground. UNEQUAL® Insoles are clinically proven to block up to 80% of CIS.

"It took good old American Ingenuity to solve this painful problem of CIS. Our patented insoles are the best protection for amateur players and professional teams like the Philadelphia Union, which participates in a sport where the degree of CIS force is extremely high. Unequal Insoles dispel the 'no pain, no gain' mantra by creating a perfect shield of protection for the players, dramatically reducing aches and pains that would typically result," said Robert Vito, CEO of UNEQUAL Technologies.

"The playes are thrilled to be benefitting from the shock blocking power of Unequal Insoles," states Dr. Lee S. Cohen, Podiatric Consultant for the Philadelphia Union Developmental Program. "The noticeable reduction in pain and foot fatigue is significant. Most insoles are too thick and bulky for cleats so some of the players go without, causing injury to their feet. But the slim design of the UNEQUAL® Thin Sporty Insoles enables them to fit comfortably into the cleats. This lets players give maximum effort without the painful CIS they used to experience."

UNEQUAL® Insoles have been widely adopted by professional sports teams, including 30% of the teams in the NFL that are now utilizing the UNEQUAL® UltraLite Insoles with Kevlar®. In addition to the Philadelphia Union, professional athletes and their trainers using UNEQUAL® include the Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia 76ers, Minnesota Vikings, Cleveland Browns, San Diego Chargers and hundreds of other pro and college athletes in baseball, football, basketball, golf, soccer, skiing, ice hockey, biking and roller derby.

Customers also include teachers, clerks, drivers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, and business professionals -- consumers from all walks of life, age groups and activity levels.

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UNEQUAL Technologies changes consumers ability to "get active" by reducing the chronic impact shock ("CIS") that causes aches and pains with each step taken, regardless of a person's physical activity. Orthopedic surgeons and Podiatrists warn that CIS, a force equal to up to 5X your weight that radiates up through your body with every step, can cause aches, pains and premature aging of muscles, joints, and bones. The patented, shock-blocking power of UNEQUAL® blocks up to 80% of CIS, enabling users to go stronger, stay on your their feet longer, and feel better. With 57 US and International patents and patents pending, UNEQUAL Technologies is the premier provider of shock-blocking footwear with a focus on footcare. For more information, visit

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