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September 24, 2012 09:37 ET

Philippines Scams Support Rise in Philippines PI Cases

JACKSONVILLE, FL--(Marketwire - Sep 24, 2012) - Philippine PI™, a professional investigation and private detective agency specializing in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, reported today that the risk for fraud and scams is escalating. Despite efforts to educate consumers and businesses about the risk, Philippines scams are rising, and the risk for doing business in the country is growing. More corporate and individual clients are relying on Philippine PI to mitigate the risk.

Companies continue to seek opportunities in the Philippines for low cost providers in technology, manufacturing and call centers. Determining which deals are fraudulent, however, is becoming more and more difficult. In addition to business scams, romance scams and dating fraud is also a major and growing problem in the country. Philippines PI and detective services in the region help individuals and organizations safely invest or build relationships while minimizing the risk.

Scam and fraud risk is the highest when relationships are initiated via the internet. Whether it is a social network, professional networking, online dating or matchmaking site, or even by finding a website via search engines, unknown companies and persons in the Philippines should be verified and vetted properly. Philippine PI™ investigators see a significant number of cases where victims are left ruined financially and emotionally after being conned by a criminal in Asia.

How can you be certain the company or website you are considering investing in is real, and has the assets it claims to have? Is your online dating partner truly who he or she claims to be? These are the questions most often asked by clients in a Philippines investigation. Management expects the risk for fraud to remain high, which will continue to fuel demand for investigative services.

Because of the shortage of investigators with proper training, professional firms and services are in demand. "We continue to receive clients who have been scammed by someone claiming to be an investigator in the Philippines, so it's important to verify investigation companies as well," said William J. Carter, Vice President of Private Investigations. "We see significant opportunity moving forward, as more clients require a professional investigation firm to avoid scams."

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