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June 08, 2016 12:46 ET

Philips, GE Healthcare Lead U.S. X-Ray Medical Imaging Market Due to Advancements in Digital Radiography

There Were Over 300 Million X-Ray Procedures Performed in the United States Last Year With a Market Value Estimated at Over $2 Billion

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - June 08, 2016) - According to an upcoming series of reports on the U.S. medical imaging device market by iData Research (, the rising popularity of digital radiography systems is driving the increase of X-ray procedures in the United States. Digital technology offers better image storage solutions than film-based images, reduced scan times and improved image quality, increasing efficiency and driving the number of procedures performed.

The U.S. market for X-ray systems includes analog, computed radiography (CR), digital radiography (DR), fluoroscopy and cardiovascular X-ray systems. Cardiovascular X-rays are the largest market segment due to the fact that these devices cost significantly more than any other type of X-ray.

The U.S. market for cardiovascular X-rays is valued at over $1 billion and will continue to grow throughout the forecast period. Unit sale growth will outpace the minor decline in ASP, resulting in an increase in market value. The demand for cardiovascular X-rays is increasing at a steady rate, but will begin to shift towards a replacement market near the end of the forecast period.

While analog systems will continue to be sold over the forecast period, they will experience a rapid decline, almost disappearing from the market completely. Healthcare facilities are no longer purchasing analog systems; even computer radiography is being phased out due to the rapid technological advancements in digital radiography.

Growth in the DR market is driven by the efficiency that DR systems have over analog and CR equipment, despite being more expensive initially. The greater number of scans that can be performed by DR systems outweighs the cost. Because DR is a newer technology, the install base of these systems is not as large as CR systems but it is growing rapidly. DR systems are primarily sold as new systems or upgrades from analog and CR systems.

"CR systems are less expensive than DR systems, which make it easier for healthcare facilities to upgrade from analog to digital X-ray systems," explains Dr. Kamran Zamanian, CEO of iData. "However, CR systems are regarded as not being as efficient as DR systems."

Philips Healthcare is the leading competitor in the U.S. market for X-ray imaging systems. Philips Healthcare dominated the cardiovascular X-ray segment and they are the second leading competitor in the DR and fluoroscopy segments with their ProGrade®, DuraDiagnost® and DigitalDiagnost® products.

GE Healthcare is the second leading competitor in the total X-ray imaging market. The company held a leading market share in the DR segment due to the preference of their Optima®, Brivo®, Discovery® and Definium® product lines. GE Healthcare also held a strong position in the fluoroscopy market with their Precision® line of systems. Additional competitors in the X-ray imaging market include Siemens Healthcare, Swissray, Fujifilm, Carestream Health, AGFA Healthcare, Toshiba America Medical Systems and Konica Minolta among others.

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