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December 20, 2016 17:22 ET

Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorney Offers Advice to Avoid Overdraft -- Oswalt Law Group

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwired - December 20, 2016) - Bank overdrafts are common during and after the holiday season. With that in mind, attorneys with the Oswalt Law Group are providing Arizonans with advice for reducing the chances of experiencing bank overdrafts and paying associated fees.

"Before we went into the holiday season, forecasters predicted that sales would increase between seven and ten percent over last year. It's not surprising that many shoppers may have spent a bit more than they had originally planned," explained one Oswalt attorney.

So that consumers can better position themselves to avoid overdrafts and fees, here are tips from the Oswalt Law Group:

  • Make sure you know your bank's overdraft protection options. With it, a debit charge is approved even if the transaction will cause your account to slide below a zero balance. There may be an overdraft fee associated with it.
  • Link your checking account with a line of credit or savings account. Rather than being hit with a fee, funds from your linked account will be transferred to the checking account if you overdraft.
  • Prepaid cards will prevent you from spending beyond your means. You set an amount that cannot be breached, so there's no way to overspend with them.
  • Sign up for mobile alerts from your bank. Most banks will send an automatic text message to you if your balance dips below a level that you set. This is also ideal for alerting you to unauthorized charges or potential problems with deposits.

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