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January 27, 2011 23:52 ET

Phoenix Based Entrepreneur Creates Business-in-a-Box Opportunity by Offering Discounted Frozen Yogurt Machines

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - January 27, 2011) - Duc Nguyen, the founder of the Phoenix based Yollipop frozen yogurt, is now supplying a key component to any successful frozen yogurt store. The business-in-a-box consists of a frozen yogurt machine that produces 10 gallons of yogurt per hour at a fraction of traditional frozen yogurt machine startup costs. Since Mr. Nguyen has locked down barebones pricing on the machines -- which are built in China -- he is able to offer them to all interested proprietors for a greatly reduced price and for a hard-to-pass-up value.

The frozen yogurt machine really is the heartbeat of the entire business, according to Mr. Nguyen. "Normally these machines run about 10-16k for most people," Nguyen explains. "But thanks to my overseas connections, I am able to happily supply them for fraction of that price, reduced for an amazing value at only $6,999."

The frozen yogurt machines are rebranded to be marketed in the USA under the name "Yobot" -- exclusively offered by Yollipop Frozen Treats. They come with a powerful Aspera (Italy) compressor and a Danfoss (Denmark) expansion valve with a digital display and an easy-to-operate interface. The machines are backed by a powerful one year warranty and are ETL listed for USA compliance.

Since the machines are only rated at 115 volts, they also are very energy efficient, according to Nguyen. "Most of our competitors, like Taylor, use 220V, which requires much more power to operate," Nguyen says. "But if you open a new yogurt store with eight yogurt machines, then you would have to bring in additional electrical (200AMP), and the cost of that would range anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000." He further adds, "The monthly electricity bill is also a big difference. In Arizona, my November electricity bill was only $280, which is low when compared to $1600 (per month) with a Taylor machine."

Maintenance on the machine is low, and the operating costs are feasible for any small business owner. Since the cost of each portion served in the store is based upon weight, the actual serving size and final price is determined by the customer, adding even more versatility for those seeking to break into the ever growing frozen yogurt business, in a world where value meals and snacks are quickly becoming the mainstay for many Americans.

Nguyen is currently offering the machines for a vast savings off their listed wholesale prices, at $6,999. When compared to what Competitors are charging for the same thing, at a price that ranges from $10,000 - $16,000, the value is easy to see. Additionally, there is no sales tax added to the price of his frozen yogurt machines, saving small business proprietors even more money. And delivery only takes 30-45 days, from factory to storefront.

With savings and startup costs in mind, Nguyen offers his take on the low price of his frozen yogurt machines. "If you can save, an average, $7,000 a machine -- that would be $56,000 for eight machines to start a business... so why not?"

The grand opening of Nguyen's Yollipop store was a roaring success, and really serves as a testament to the high potential for any future stores that Nguyen -- or other interested entrepreneurs -- plans to open. Yollipop celebrated its grand opening on November 16, 2010 at its Phoenix, Arizona location [3961 E. Chandler Blvd., Phoenix, Arizona]. As to the amazing and affordable business opportunity that future locations will offer, for both him and any persons interested in purchasing the machines for a discount that plan on opening up their own frozen yogurt stores, Nguyen adds a hearty closing statement. "Yogurt will always be an affordable family gathering that's tasty and fun," he says. "I offer these quality machines at a fraction of the price, which allows other small businesses -- or interested future owners -- across the country to setup their very own frozen yogurt store. Essentially, it could be compared to a business-in-a-box."

Frozen Yogurt is a part of the frozen dessert industry, which generates more than $20 billion in annual revenues in the United States. 

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