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November 20, 2015 10:57 ET

Phoenix Integrated Store Consultants Previews 4th Quarter Expansion

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwired - Nov 20, 2015) - In Entrepreneur, Nina Zipkin wrote an article, entitled, "5 Secrets to Maintaining a High-Performance Culture in a Growing Company," in which she interviewed Ryan Urban, the CEO of Bounce Exchange®. Zipkin reported her interview with Urban, who maintained: "Hiring smart, capable, hardworking employees is a given, but there is another layer that makes the team really fit together. 'It's not the people who are [just] going to be the best at their jobs, but the people who really care about everyone else, aren't competitive with other people inside the company -- are really altruistic people'"(Urban qtd. Zipkin).

At Phoenix Integrated Store Consultants, Market Manager, CJ Young, is working hard to create a team just like the one that Urban refers to in his interview with Zipkin. As one of the top names in marketing in Atlanta, Phoenix Integrated Store Consultants specializes in marketing campaigns for clients in the satellite, cellular, and security industries. As the company is gearing up for the 4th Quarter this year, managers like Young are taking time to do reviews and make sure that the marketing team at Phoenix is solid and providing top customer experiences for clients.

When asked about his dedication to building a marketing team through inner expansion, Young asserted, "Great businesses start with great people. At Phoenix, we are constantly growing and evolving to accommodate the needs of our clients who come to us to act as the face of their brands." Phoenix has perfected their in-house expansion and review process by creating open channels of communication and championing the open-door concept. As a company that only promotes from within, managers at the company have a firm grasp on what it takes to succeed in any level of the company. Therefore, all managers are able to accurately review situations that arise daily in order to answer any questions promptly and accurately.

When asked about his secret to maintaining open communication at the office and in the field, Young confided that Phoenix uses an app called, GroupMe. Young asserted, "We use GroupMe for a variety of different aspects at Phoenix. Not only does it allow us to stay in constant contact with all of our teammates, it enables us to motivate and blast messages such as the time and location of meetings or team nights at Phoenix." As a motivational tool, Young expressed that GroupMe gave employees the chance to send messages of encouragement, goal affirmations, and positive reviews directed to Phoenix employees. Creating a channel of positive affirmation helps Phoenix Managers, like Young, to enable employees and create the high-performance culture for which Phoenix is known.

Additionally, the company supports communication and networking outside of the Atlanta office by providing travel opportunities to employees. Leaders, Keaunna Trice and Brenton Smith, will be visiting Phoenix's National Consultants on the West Coast to create lasting contacts as well as doing reviews on what they could improve on as managers and leaders inside of the firm. As leaders like Trice and Smith build connections, they have the opportunity to create strong national bonds in the business.

Due to the addition of a new client, Phoenix Integrated Store Consultants has announced their intent to expand once more in the 4th Quarter. After promoting Assistant Manager, Sydarrian Edwards, in November 2015, Young has plans to open Phoenix's in-house management training program once more. The program, which teaches employees on the importance of business development, sales and marketing strategy, teambuilding, and communication, will open additional Team Leader positions that will need to be filled by existing employees. As these promotions occur, Phoenix will be opening five to six additional full-time marketing representative roles by January 2016.

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