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September 20, 2011 09:55 ET

Phoenix Investigations Finds Success in the Cloud

InfoStreet Closes the Case on Another Successful IT Migration to the Cloud

TARZANA, CA--(Marketwire - Sep 20, 2011) - InfoStreet Inc., Cloud pioneer and provider of Cloud-based applications (apps), is pleased to announce they have solved the case of the "Wayward IT Migration" on behalf of their client, Phoenix Investigations.

With a small team spread over a huge province, Phoenix Investigations chose to move to the Cloud when it was looking to upgrade its IT system. When Fred Boettger, general manager of Canadian-based Phoenix Investigations Group Inc., sought to upgrade his company's network, he was faced with a daunting choice of Cloud vendors; a choice further exacerbated by the fact that his corporation had to ensure the migration was seamless to clients and also resulted in zero down time. In addition, given the confidential nature of client data handled by Phoenix employees and the length of time that their projects remain active, Boettger felt his needs were very specific. Boettger put a lot of time into finding the perfect Cloud-based software because, as he put it, "we're in the investigations business; that's what people pay us to do. We're paid to be clear and concise and keep track of things and know things."

The core of Phoenix Investigations' business comes from process serving. "We might serve 8,000 and 10,000 people a year," Boettger indicated. "Serving legal documents in this volume involves a lot of man-hours and a lot of paperwork." He noted that a move to the Cloud was a simple decision, as it would allow employees to access its database easily and from anywhere at any time.

InfoStreet Closes the Case
Once he found StreetSmart, InfoStreet's secure intranet system that houses a complete suite of Cloud apps for business, he was 90 percent sure his search was done. The other 10 percent came when Phoenix' employees, including the less tech-savvy ones, began to use the system quickly and without a tutorial from an InfoStreet tech; it was that simple. "Keeping track of everything you have done so you can report to your client effectively and concisely is vitally important," he said. Many cases do not go to trial for up to six years, requiring all documents, videos, and all other pertinent materials to be available in their system for an indefinite amount of time. By using InfoStreet's intranet system, Phoenix is able to keep a detailed record of every document as well as a database of everyone they have ever served.

Rick Chapman, managing editor and publisher at Softletter, an online software industry newsletter, said it is no surprise a company like Phoenix would turn to StreetSmart and Cloud apps. "If you're doing surveillance... you might be in a situation where sometimes a computer gets damaged or broken. How are you going to access the database and update it? Buy another computer and reinstall the applications or go to a system where you've got a web browser and access the application via a smart phone?"

That is precisely the thinking Boettger had. Now, employees of Phoenix Investigations can access their database through any computer or company-provided iPhones, from anywhere in Ontario.

"If you can save time and give your client a better product, that's obviously what you want to do."

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