SOURCE: Author Josh Dolin

Author Josh Dolin

January 26, 2011 02:52 ET

Phoenix Web Design Expert Reveals Web Strategies in His New Book: "The Web Guru Guide"

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwire - January 26, 2011) - Josh Dolin, the founder of the successful Scottsdale website design firm, Tempo Creative, has recently released a tell-all book titled, "The Web Guru Guide." The book details the insight that Dolin has learned, and the application of his expertise, after being involved in Arizona website design, SEO, and Internet marketing for more than two decades.

The purpose of the book, according to Dolin, is to shed some light on the cloud of secrecy -- mostly because many business owners are entirely unaware of the ubiquitous nature of web design and Internet marketing, and how it can propel their entity in the right direction -- that seemingly has enshrouded effective website design, marketing, SEO, social media and copywriting until this book was released.

"After a decade of working with entrepreneurs and small business clients, I realized the majority had very little or no understanding of websites and internet marketing," Dolin says. "I wrote this book 'The Web Guru Guide' in order to provide the fundamentals, so all of our clients and potentially millions of others know how the process really works."

But that is not all that the book contains. "The book is also filled with dozens of tips and strategies that can help with social media, SEO, copywriting and more," Dolin adds.

And Dolin's experience is nearly tantamount to offering a life-skills PHD within his respective field/s. Since its founding in 2001, Tempo Creative has built a revered reputation in the Arizona website design industry that is based upon strong client relationships.

Dolin emphasizes that such tenured client interactions are only achieved "by truly understanding and executing objectives."

"Successful relationships and exceptional results are achieved when our team and the client work in synergy," Dolin explains. "An inspired web presence and highly successful internet marketing is the upshot... and the business growth for the client is then assured."

His book clearly epitomizes the mission statement and superlative of the offerings that he and his custom website design and marketing firm have presented to clients over the past decade.

Now, Dolin is ready to share his expertise with others, so that they can reap the benefits of the winning strategies that he has so enjoyed over the years.

The book, which was released by BG Publishing International in November of 2010, has already received dozens of positive reviews worldwide, and has also sold more than 20,000 copies since its release. Not too shabby for only a few months in the marketplace, and sheer testament to the successful nature of Dolin's ingenious mindset and overall web development and marketing strategies -- which he shares with one and all -- and in great detail -- in his new book.

Courtney Friel from Fox News had a chance to read the book recently, and offers her opinion on Dolin's masterpiece. "'The Web Guru Guide' is filled with the same valuable insight about web design and e-marketing that Josh gave me when designing my website," Friel says. "Get this book for the inside scoop and advice that's worth much more than the price!" 

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