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November 19, 2013 14:13 ET

PhoenixMart International Commerce Center Breaks Ground in the United States, Positioned to Boost American Companies to Aggressively Compete in the Domestic and Global Market

PhoenixMart Expected to Help American Manufacturers and Distributors Grow in Global Market

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwired - Nov 19, 2013) - After a nationally recognized groundbreaking ceremony in Arizona earlier this month, PhoenixMart has gained global attention from the business community of the impact it will make domestically and internationally. PhoenixMart is a 585-acre master-planned community including a 1.7-million-square-foot, multi-functional products center and 4-million-square-feet of support facilities (237-hectare community, 157,900 square meter product center, 371,600 square meter of support facilities). The project is slated to be the one of the most comprehensive global commerce centers in the Western Hemisphere. 

Many of the 1,000 attendees at the groundbreaking ceremony voiced that PhoenixMart represents the comeback of American companies and how it will drive products "made in the U.S.A." to the forefront of the domestic and global market. Business partners also believe PhoenixMart signifies a new era for American businesses as U.S. companies work collectively to take full advantage of PhoenixMart's forward thinking business model.

Former U.S. Secretary of Labor, Elaine Chao, served as keynote speaker stated regarding PhoenixMart, "This project will ensure that American businesses will now have a platform that will allow their products to be part of a fully integrated supply chain to meet today's demands for quality, price, and eliminating the added layers of expenses for distribution."

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, in 2012, the total foreign imports into the United States exceeded more than $2.3 trillion. Developers expect PhoenixMart will allow the economy to recapture a portion of the loss to imports by better connecting American businesses to new domestic and global markets. PhoenixMart will accommodate more than 2,000 companies in various sized suites; two-thirds of the suites are reserved for American brands with the remaining one-third slotted for international brands.

PhoenixMart president, Jeremy Shoenfelder, states, "We are not just a country of consumers, we are also a country of producers. The United States has the most innovative manufacturers in the world, and only by supporting one another and standing united will we reclaim the domestic market and make a significant impact in the global market. American businesses have long searched for this commerce platform. PhoenixMart is able to deliver that business efficiency as the one-stop source for everything a company could ever need."

PhoenixMart will showcase manufacturers and distributors in various categories including: Home and Hotel, Industrial and Automotive, Electronic and Accessories, Food and Beverage, Office and Recreation, and Fashion and Variety. PhoenixMart enables sellers to raise their visibility with the domestic and international buying community and conduct online transactions in addition to in-person sales.

Whether a tenant is buying or selling products, each tenant will be able to utilize PhoenixMart's Affinity Program, an all-inclusive set of business services designed to support the tenant to help optimize and ensure the success of each business transaction. These business amenities include legal services, logistics and warehousing, human resources and operations, trade events, and marketing services to customize marketing solutions to meet each tenant's specific goals.

PhoenixMart offers domestic and international manufacturers and distributors the direct connection with North American businesses and end users. For more information regarding opportunities within PhoenixMart, visit and click on tab "Contact." 

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PhoenixMart is the leading example of a 21st Century global commerce center, connecting thousands of North American manufacturers and distributors with domestic and global buyers. PhoenixMart is a 585-acre master-planned community with a 1.7-million-square-foot, multi-functional products center and 4-million-square-feet of support facilities. Upon completion, PhoenixMart will be an effective and powerful platform to jointly promote American products, innovation and manufacturing opportunities. For more information visit

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