August 01, 2005 12:30 ET

PhoneGnome Now Available From Voxilla.com; Online Telephony E-tailer to Sell and Support Owners

SAN FRANCISCO--(CCNMatthews - Aug 1, 2005) -

PhoneGnome™, the new worldwide voice technology product that seamlessly joins Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communications with a customer's existing Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) service, allowing consumers to make Internet calls and PSTN phone calls from the same phone, is now available for immediate customer delivery from Voxilla on the Voxilla.com web sites (http://store.voxilla.com and http://store.voxilla.ca) in both the USA and Canada.

"Today Voxilla became the first online telephony only merchant to carry PhoneGnome in North America," said Marcelo Rodriguez, Voxilla's CEO and founder. "Our customer support team will also be assisting PhoneGnome owners with any installation or support related questions they may have, but given the simplicity and elegant manner that PhoneGnome works in delivering customer desired features we really don't anticipate that many calls for help."

With PhoneGnome owners can make and receive both Internet and traditional calls using their existing broadband Internet connection and telephone service, by using an ordinary telephone, dialing ordinary phone numbers. PhoneGnome™ owners maintain their existing phone number without any carrier switching problems. Directory assistance and 911 functions remain intact as well.

"Voxilla has an enormous amount of experience selling and supporting telephony products and services to both the tech-savvy early Voice over IP adopters and regular consumers," said David Beckemeyer, TelEvolution's CEO and inventor of PhoneGnome. "Their understanding of both the tech/geek buyer's penchant for tinkering, and wanting to know what's under the hood, as well as being able to sell and support the regular consumers by easily answering their questions makes Voxilla an ideal online retailer for PhoneGnome as they can talk with both audience segments in a manner that's understood and appropriate."

PhoneGnome seamlessly ties together the PhoneGnome™ owner's existing home phone service and existing broadband Internet connection by providing owners a fully automatic, plug and play installation. No technical set-up or configuration is needed and there is no disruption of essential phone services such as 911 or directory assistance.

Getting started with PhoneGnome™ is uncomplicated too, simply requiring a one-time purchase of PhoneGnome™ with no subscription service or monthly fees.

Additional information about PhoneGnome is available online on its website: http://www.PhoneGnome.com.

In addition to being available through Voxilla PhoneGnome™ is also available online for purchase by visiting the company's web site, http://www.PhoneGnome.com and at select retail locations across the United States.

About TelEvolution

Founded by David Beckemeyer, an entrepreneur and former CTO of EarthLink, TelEvolution has developed a new technology that seamlessly joins Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communications with a customer's existing Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) service. This patent pending technology is called PhoneGnome™.

TelEvolution has taken a radically different approach to voice communications. Rather than selling the act of talking as a service, PhoneGnome™ enables an existing broadband Internet Protocol (IP) connection to transport phone calls. PhoneGnome™ brings a totally unique perspective to telephony - voice is a product that the consumer buys, a capability that is owned, rather than a service that is subscribed to.

TelEvolution was established in 2004 and is headquartered in Danville, CA.

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