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March 28, 2011 12:13 ET

PhoneGuard - Options Media Group Holdings, Inc. CEO Provides Investor Update

BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwire - March 28, 2011) - Options Media Group Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: OPMG) (PINKSHEETS: OPMG), a growing force in mobile applications, marketing and mobile social media that soon plans to change its name to PhoneGuard, Inc., today announced the following update to investors from Chief Executive Officer, Scott Frohman, regarding some of the Company's near term opportunities and developing partnerships.

Over the last few months PhoneGuard has been working hard behind the scenes making in-roads setting the groundwork for the months ahead. We have displayed our technology at multiple trade shows such as CES in Las Vegas, RSA in San Francisco, GSMA in Barcelona, CTIA Wireless, among others, and have made significant relationships and have opened many doors in the Distracted Driving sector. The groups that we are currently in contact with are mobile carriers, handset manufacturers, OEMs, automobile manufacturers, big box retailers, auto insurance companies, law enforcement agencies, school boards, fund raising organizations and home shopping networks. We have had great success and are working day and night to solidify contracts with one or more of these groups.

Having just returned from one of the largest wireless communications trade shows, Mr. Frohman commented, "We remain very optimistic about our future ability to market our current and upcoming product lines and are ready to work with multiple potential customer partners, with whom we recently met while at this important industry trade show, in order to achieve this goal. In fact, we met with multiple potential partners at the show with whom we are currently negotiating distribution agreements that are currently in the final stages of closing and, excitingly, we expect to announce the details of these contracts soon." He continued, "All of these potential partners are very interested in the new enhancements we have made to our DriveSafe Software™ anti-texting while driving application suite. These enhancements take anti-texting while driving software to another level by allowing users to listen to e-mails and text messages without having to fumble with the phone's keyboard while driving." Regarding additional product features, Mr. Frohman said, "We also discussed several additional enhancements we plan to make to the DriveSafe suite over the short term that will allow the user to track a lost or stolen handset. The new web interface will allow the user to locate, back up contact data, data wipe, or lock-down the phone under circumstances in which their handset cannot be immediately recovered."

He concluded, "As is often the case with new product offerings, it has taken the wireless industry a few months to begin to understand the power of the DriveSafe product offering. As awareness grows, and as additional celebrity and media attention is focused on the dangers of texting while driving, we believe our position in this market will continue to strengthen. The positive news for our investors is that we are beginning to realize both significant interest from potential partners as well as a growing revenue base from the DriveSmart product line. We are as optimistic as ever about our potential to help create an entirely new product application market as an industry leader within the booming wireless and smart phone sector."

About Options Media Holding Group, Inc.

Options Media Group Holdings, Inc. is a leading provider of mobile application software that recently announced the Company is changing its name to PhoneGuard, Inc. The Company's flagship product, DriveSafe Software™, is a next-generation software suite with the most robust set of features and functions available today. The software product, which is easily downloadable to mobile phones, allows for global positioning satellite tracking of the mobile device in order to calculate the rate of speed of travel. Above certain predetermined speeds, the DriveSafe Software will lock the keyboard and prevent the user from emailing, surfing the web or texting. While DriveSafe Software is designed to prevent texting while driving, it also offers parents and employers the ability to monitor the driving habits of mobile phone users in order to prevent speeding. PhoneGuard is also one of the mobile industry's leading providers of anti-virus software. The Company is a growing force in mobile marketing and mobile social media.

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