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July 01, 2008 11:23 ET

Phonevite™ One-To-Many Phone Call Service Honors Canada Day With Nationwide Debut

Free Service Lets Anyone Quickly Send Pre-Recorded Invites or Messages to Their Family, Friends, Clubs, Teams and Church or School Groups

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - July 1, 2008) - Phonevite™ today announced the launch of its popular automated phone call service in Canada, giving Canadian users a new, free way to instantly issue invitations, news, club updates and other messages to family and friends. The service, which debuted in the U.S. last year, has been praised by leading independent reviewers from TechCrunch to the Discovery Educator Network for its exceptional convenience, effectiveness, confidentiality and security.

Phonevite allows users to record a voice message, then automatically ring all intended recipients simultaneously to deliver their message either upon pickup or as a voicemail to those who don't answer. Thousands of Americans have already found Phonevite to be better than email distribution lists at keeping relatives, school/church group members, teammates and others informed about parties, meetings, gatherings and sporting events, as well as providing alerts and other notices at a moment's notice.

"Phonevite has proven itself to be both a responsible and completely easy-to-use service," said John Nahm, co-founder and CEO of Phonevite parent company Ifonoclast™, Inc. "Despite the proliferation of email and text messaging, nothing beats the communicating power of the human voice. Voice messages resonate on a deeper, more personal level -- and with Phonevite, people can easily create and distribute phone messages that cut through the clutter to deliver time-sensitive information with a personal touch."

Presented as a free service, Phonevite presently allows users to send pre-recorded messages to up to 25 people. A premium plan, designed for churches, schools and other community organizations, supports call lists of up to 2,000 numbers for a price of US $0.05 per successful call.

Strong Controls

Nahm notes that protection against user abuse is the highest priority of the Phonevite service. "Before a user sends out his or her first message, Phonevite authenticates the sender's phone number to make sure it's valid," he said. "Caller ID is mandatory with every Phonevite that is sent, and a message is included at the end of every call giving recipients an easy means to opt out of future calls or report problems. We've minimized the opportunities for abuse -- and if it does happen, we respond with account terminations and even calls to appropriate authorities."

Phonevite, in both free and premium versions, is now available for use by non-commercial Canadian subscribers only. To learn more about Phonevite, or to sign up to use the service, visit

About Ifonoclast™:

Ifonoclast™ is the innovative creator of Phonevite™, a patent-pending, cutting-edge Internet telephony and broadcasting service that allows people to call differently. Based on its convenient, easy and cost-efficient Internet telephony technology, Ifonoclast offers a range of telephone calling, messaging and voice broadcasting products/services that make life easier for everyone. Based in San Jose, California, privately owned Ifonoclast was founded by executives responsible for the award-winning dialpadworld PC-to-Phone premium international calling service. To learn more about Ifonoclast and Phonevite, visit

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