Photo Violation Technologies Corp.

Photo Violation Technologies Corp.

November 13, 2008 18:21 ET

Photo Violation Technologies Corp. Defendants Granted $180,000 Judgment for Costs

Photo Violation Technologies Corp.'s Second Update on Natco Lawsuit

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Nov. 13, 2008) - Photo Violation Technologies Corp. ("PVT" or "the Company"), a leader in technologically innovative parking solutions, is pleased to announce that the BC Supreme Court has recently granted a judgment where, due to issues with its case, Natco International Inc. ("Natco") is required to advance $180,000 to the courts for PVT's and the other defendants' potential legal costs.

In a judgment made by the Honourable Madam Justice Griffin dated October 7, 2008, she states, "I conclude that security for costs of the personal defendants should be ordered. The defendants have shown that it appears that Natco has no assets to satisfy an order for costs. Natco has been unable to show that it does have exigible assets, or that the personal defendants have no arguable defence, or that an order for security for costs would stifle its claim."

Madam Justice Griffin's judgment goes on to say, "It appears from the evidence that Natco raised the funds it provided to PVT from third party investors. It also appears from Natco's public filings that personal investors are funding the legal costs of the litigation against PVT. As such, it appears that persons backing Natco may have a stake in the outcome of this litigation."

Natco is an Over the Counter Bulletin Board listed company (NCII:OTC:BB) incorporated pursuant to the laws of Delaware, USA, although it is noted in the judgment that "... it is currently registered as an extra-provincial company in British Columbia, although its registration has lapsed."

The judgment goes on to state, "Natco is a self-described "shell" company. Natco's publicly filed report for the quarter ended June 30, 2008, filed August 19, 2008, revealed that Natco has virtually no real assets other than its contingent claim against PVT. It has no active business. Its financial statements show only $2,856 worth of assets, apart from its claim against PVT, and current liabilities of over $1.4 million. The CEO and President of Natco, Mr. Gurm, filed an Affidavit in which he described Natco's value as a publicly trading company on the OTCBB as approximately $800,000. However, at best, this is the value of Natco's shares, something held by Natco's shareholders and not by Natco itself. Mr. Gurm also briefly described in his Affidavit #1 a business deal between Natco and another company, Lassen Energy, Inc. However, the evidence falls short of establishing that this business deal has become binding, or that Natco has reaped or will reap any financial gains from it that would allow it to pay the defendants' costs in the future. I conclude that the personal defendants have shown that Natco will be unable to pay their costs if Natco's action fails."

In an October 2008 judgment, Madam Justice Griffin struck out Natco's statement of claim against PVT and the individual defendants due to its improper pleadings, which were referred to as "... confusing, sloppy, deficient, unnecessary or embarrassing."

PVT is extremely pleased with the latest developments with the court case and will keep the public apprised of any future developments. Natco has brought an application for a summary judgment against PVT for payment of the funds loaned by Natco to PVT. That judgment is expected to be heard January 19, 2009.

PVT has posted the complete judgment on its web site at

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