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July 16, 2012 09:00 ET

Pickn'Tell Mobile App Gives Shoppers Access to On-the-Go Shopping Companions

Mobile Fashion App Eliminates the Pain-Points of Shopping Alone and Makes Any Shopping Excursion Social

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Jul 16, 2012) - Pickn'Tell ( today launched a groundbreaking new way for anyone with an iPhone or Android phone to shop for and share fashion choices with their friends; get advice and feedback; gain access to exclusive offers and events and have a better overall shopping experience. Through its new mobile app and in-store display, Pickn'Tell connects users to each other and to trusted friends and experts, enables in-app purchases and greatly enhances the fashion shopping experience -- bridging the gap between physical and virtual shopping. The app brings shopping up-to-date with today's connected and informed shopper.

"Research shows the shoppers crave feedback. Pickn'Tell eliminates the pain-points of shopping alone and makes any shopping excursion social," said Dalit Braun, CEO of Pickn'Tell. "We believe that even a virtual companion, which can be found in the customers' Pickn'Tell app contacts and social networks, enhances the shopping experience, allowing for instant feedback and dialogue."

Pickn'Tell is a social application where shoppers can shop their favorite brands and stores, provide a dialogue on their shopping choices, sort and organize their fashion, share their fashion activities, collect prizes and coupons before and while they shop and purchase gift cards for their friends. The shopper can capture images or videos of themselves trying on different outfits using the Pickn'Tell in-store mirror or the app's self-picture option, and can share them directly with their friends or social networks for instant feedback.

"We are living in a social media world and I'm excited that Pickn'Tell uses cutting-edge technology to make fashion easier to share," said Celeste Thorson, model, actress and writer. "I love shopping with friends and getting style advice on the go, and Pickn'Tell makes that more fun with all its great perks."

How it Works
Through its mobile app and in-store interactive display, Pickn'Tell enables shoppers can securely take videos and photos of themselves trying on outfits which can then be sent to friends for feedback and shared through social media for their comments. The Pickn'Tell Interactive Mirror or Tablet is available at select locations. For stores without this mirror, the app also has a self-picture taking option that allows shoppers to take a picture or video using your phone's camera and share it with friends.

To use the Pickn'Tell mobile app, shoppers can simply download it through the Google Play Store or iPhone App store, providing the user access to a robust community of bloggers, designers, stylists and friends, m-commerce portals from retailers and the ability to communicate with the in-store interactive display to take photos and videos that can be shared through social media or with trusted friends. Pickn'Tell is the first mobile shopping application with an interactive in-store display -- the mirror or tablet enhances the customer's experience and provides the retailer with tools for connecting to the customer on an ongoing basis -- in and out of the brick and mortar location. This allows retailers to connect to the customer on and offline, send notifications of new events and collections, and provide targeted discounts, coupons and gift cards. Shoppers can then share their experience, engage their friends to weigh in on their potential purchase and tap into their buy-in to close the deal.

Along with photos and video, the shopper can also easily scan an item's barcode for additional product information -- something easily accessed during future shopping excursions. The mobile application lets the shoppers sort their fashion items, enter their favorite unpurchased items into a wish list and share all of this with their friends. Pickn'Tell users know about all the great sales and events at their favorite stores and collect prizes and coupons while they shop as well as have the option to purchase gift cards for their friends.

Pickn'Tell is a multi-sided platform high on consumer and retailer engagement. The platform actively engages the consumer while simultaneously working directly with retailers to drive traffic and supply consumer data. Users can access Pickn'Tell from their app or website and review usage history and connect with their social network. The in-store device helps retailers drive traffic, collect information on consumer behavior and provide the ability to target push promotions to specific users.

Availability and Pricing

  • The Pickn'Tell App can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store and iPhone App Store.

About Pickn'Tell
Pickn'Tell was established in 2011 by Dalit Braun and Asaf Lewin with the unique idea that if retailers wish to survive and thrive in the 21st century, they must pursue a strategy of integrating the physical experience of shopping with the interactive and social experience of online and mobile. Pickn'Tell is the realization of this vision -- to provide retailers with a revolutionary new way to bridge the gap between the physical and virtual shopping, enriching the shopping experience in clothing stores, harnessing social networks to promote the brand and providing consumer behavior analysis.

Pickn'Tell's location based mobile service harnesses the power of social networks in order to provide incentives for both the customer and the retailer. Pickn'Tell provides its customers with an application and platform through which they can share their shopping activities. This platform includes direct sharing with their contacts or through their social networks. In addition, Pickn'Tell allows the customer to earn coupons, prizes and discounts to be redeemed later on at our retailers. Pickn'Tell provides retailers with a "get-to-know" your customer toolbox. This toolbox includes a variety of metrics, trends and analytics well as consumer behavior analysis to enable the retailer to better understand the customer.