March 14, 2005 07:12 ET

Picsel Technologies Launches Picsel Content Platform for Nokia Series 60 and Series 80 Platforms



MARCH 14, 2005 - 07:12 ET

Picsel Technologies Launches Picsel Content Platform
for Nokia Series 60 and Series 80 Platforms

GLASGOW, Scotland & NEW ORLEANS--(CCNMatthews - Mar 14, 2005) -

Picsel's Photo Viewer, File Viewer and Browser Applications Enables
Smart Phone Owners to Access Pictures, Email Attachments and the Internet

Picsel technologies, a leading provider of solutions that enable
intuitive interaction with rich content on small screen devices, today
launched Picsel Content Platform for Nokia Series 60 and Series 80-based
devices. Series 60 and Series 80 Platform devices from Nokia utilize
Symbian OS™, the world's leading smartphone operating system, with
over 25 million devices already in the market.

Picsel's Content Platform, including its Photo Viewer, File Viewer and
Browser applications, is now available for Series 60 and Series 80
smartphones. The Series 60 and Series 80 smartphone architecture
provides users with all the basic and advanced cellular phone functions
in a compact device characterized by a large color screen, rich
communications and enhanced applications.

Picsel Photo Viewer, File Viewer and Browser applications will deliver a
rich user experience to owners of Nokia smart phones, allowing them to
manipulate pictures, read full email attachments and surf the Internet
intuitively through a single user interface. These industry leading
applications from Picsel will be delivered through various distribution
channels and partnerships, with further details to be announced later
this year.

Imran Khand, Picsel CEO, said: "We are delighted with the market
opportunity that the Nokia Series 60 and Series 80 Platforms present for
the Picsel Content Platform. The two architectures are ideally suited
and we look forward to this to be the first step towards a successful
relationship for Picsel and our customers."

Brad Brockhaug, Senior Director, Business Development & Channels, said:
"Picsel's Content Platform with Picsel Browser, File Viewer and Photo
Viewer is a great example of how an innovative developer can enhance the
product offering of a mobile phone manufacturer or operator. The
exciting product announcement today by Picsel underscores the value of
deploying applications on Nokia's platforms."

The Nokia-developed Series 60 Platform, based on Symbian OS, brings open
standards and multi-vendor support to the smartphone market. Series 60
devices offer users powerful features such as Internet browsing,
multimedia communications and audio and video streaming, plus the
ability to play graphics-intensive games and tap into corporate servers
to expand the presence and capabilities of enterprise applications.

Nokia's Series 80 platform devices are typified by a rich and intuitive
user interface. Series 80-based products feature large screens, a full
QWERTY keyboard and multi-way scroll for easy user interface navigation.
With the Series 80 device, professionals can easily access internet
content, as well as read, view and edit attachments, reply, and
effectively manage their email. Series 80 is a standards-based
development platform providing an excellent open programming environment
for top-performance enterprise applications.


Picsel brings mobile content to life through a unique suite of patented
User Interface functions, which delivers a superbly rich and intuitive
user experience on small screen devices. The company has offices in
Europe, Asia and the US which serve customers that include Motorola,
Samsung, Sharp, NTT DoCoMo, Panasonic, Sony, and BenQ. For more
information visit


Picsel Photo Viewer, a new addition to the Picsel Content Platform,
offers mobile users a fun, and intuitive way to display and manipulate
their photographs on phones. Delivering a uniquely rich graphical
experience, users can exploit the software to pan and zoom photos, edit
and change colours, add clip art objects or even create mini


Picsel File Viewer is a lead application from Picsel's range of content
enabling solutions which can enable any kind of rich content experience
to be delivered on any device. Picsel File Viewer enables users to view
and intuitively navigate Microsoft Office documents and Adobe PDF
documents in high resolution and easily magnify content to any desired
level while maintaining high definition for high quality detail. This is
all done without the need for content re-engineering or device syncing.
Reinforcing the company's position as the leading content platform of
choice for mobile, Picsel's technology allows high-end multi-media
functionality to be delivered across all phones and operating systems.


Picsel Browser lets users interact with every kind of digital content -
websites, documents, presentations, spreadsheets etc - whilst they're on
the move. Picsel Browser runs on a wide range of mobile handsets and
integrates seamlessly with any application, to display attached or
locally stored documents by taking responsibility for known file-types.


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