SOURCE: Piktochart

August 28, 2013 05:07 ET

Piktochart Makes Presenting Infographics Simple for Everyone

PENANG, MALAYSIA--(Marketwired - August 28, 2013) - 7 months ago, Piktochart announced that they had 170,000 users; because of constant improvement of its application and resulting organic word-of-mouth, this number has more than doubled and currently reaches over 400,000 users. Today, Piktochart team is excited to make the headlines once again by launching an even better version of its infographic creator.

These are some of the highly anticipated features that have been introduced:

  • Option to convert infographics into a presentation-ready format
  • More and improved interactive chart types
  • Customizable colour schemes and backgrounds for the infographic templates
  • More intuitive user interface which includes a better designed menu and easier handling when it comes to selecting images and icons

"The infographic phenomenon is still on a growth trend. This can be demonstrated by the hockey stick curve on Google searches related to the term 'infographics.' We do not want to stop at producing beautiful charts and a friendly user interface. Piktochart is now looking at animation and interactivity. We do not want to only produce infographics that are Illustrator or Photoshop quality; we want to allow users to create really eye-catching infographics with interactive features that are difficult to replicate without both a designer and developer," commented Ching, cofounder of Piktochart when asked to comment on the future direction of Piktochart.

Piktochart which is based in Penang, Malaysia comments further that they have been almost entirely bootstrapped since launch and attracts a dominant North American audience. Its infographic editor proved to be a valuable resource for the users across the globe when they were looking for a convenient tool to turn their data and insights into a well-designed story. Five years ago, the only sure way to produce an infographic was to either master the Adobe Suite tools themselves or look for a costly professional designer. Piktochart opened up a whole new world by offering a cloud-based editor with preset templates, enabling even non-designers to create great visuals.

About Piktochart

Launched in March 2012, Piktochart develops an easy-to-use infographic solution that enables users to transform words and numbers into meaningful infographics. Currently, over 420,000 users worldwide including small-medium-businesses and schools benefit from Piktochart's highly customizable infographics. Check us out on Facebook or follow us on Pinterest and Twitter.

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