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February 11, 2010 08:30 ET

Pillow Talk Brings Canada Closer

2010 Pfizer V-Day Survey reveals Canadian couples connect through conversation

KIRKLAND, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Feb. 11, 2010) - In a fast-paced world of texts and tweets, it's pillow talk that most Canadians still crave from their Valentines.

In fact, a new 2010 Ipsos-Reid survey, commissioned by Pfizer Canada reveals that 81% of Canadian adults agree pillow talk makes them feel closer to their partner: 79% of men and 83% of women, to be exact. 

More predictably perhaps, 86% of men say they'd choose sex over pillow talk, while Canadian women are split on the issue. 49% of women admit they'd rather chat the night away ― and 51% say they'll take sex over sweet nothings.

So, what is it about pillow talk that makes 82% of Canadians agree it is important in building and maintaining intimacy in a relationship? 55% of those who engage in pillow talk say the appeal lies in the combination of verbal and non-verbal connection; while roughly a third report that it's the talk itself that is the most important element.

Everybody's doin' it

For those Canadians who pillow talk, a whopping 93% of Canadian adults say they engage in pillow talk on no-sex nights. The majority say they spend between 5 to 14 minutes a night pillow talking, whether they have sex or not; and roughly one-in-four say their conversations last longer than 5 minutes. On sexually intimate evenings, there's slightly less pillow talk going on across our land; but 18% 'fessed up that they like to pillow talk during the main event.

While 23% of Canada's cupids like to whisper romantic sweet nothings; 13% prefer hot, sexy chat; and 16% like to keep it flirty ― 27% say they use pillow talk time to catch-up on family-related topics. 25% talk about upcoming events and 22% say "house stuff" is a common topic of conversation in the boudoir.

32% of Canadians like to mix it up when it comes to bedtime conversation; chatting about "anything and everything" ― and 15% say they just don't talk at all!

What's your pleasure?

The majority of Canadian men and women who pillow talk, say they do it to please their partner and because it makes them feel closer. That said, 24% of men admit to pillow talking mostly to please their partner; and 44% of women say they engage in pillow talk because it makes them feel closer to their partner.

61% of Canadians agree that pillow talk is an important way to connect after sex; 54% say it's an important part of foreplay and seduction; and nearly 80% say it is an important part of bonding and deepening intimacy.

While most Canadians say the best pillow talk is about positive things, 70% agree pillow talk is a good time to open up and share any worries with their partner; and 23% say they miss it so much when they are away, they usually call or webcam their honey before bedtime when they are out-of-town.

He said; she said

And, while both sexes report enjoying pillow talk, 60% agree that women need pillow talk more than men.

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About the survey

The survey was conducted on January 22nd, 23rd and 24th through an online consumer panel of approximately 1,000 respondents. The sample was balanced by region according to census data and has an accuracy rating of +/- 3 per cent, 19 times out of 20. Provincial highlights are available.

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