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October 17, 2008 10:19 ET

Pink OTC Markets Announces September Trading Results for OTCQX and Pink Sheets Market Tiers

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - October 17, 2008) - Pink OTC Markets Inc., the leading electronic inter-dealer quotation system, trading technology and financial information provider for over-the-counter (OTC) securities, today announced that its OTCQX and Pink Sheets market tiers continued to show strong trading performance in the 3rd quarter 2008. Pink OTC Markets' trading and transparency services have created the largest worldwide pool of liquidity among alternative or entry level markets for the shares of public companies.

In September, total dollar volume traded on the OTCQX market tier surpassed the OTC Bulletin Board (OTCBB) demonstrating strong demand for trusted companies among U.S. investors:

                                                            Avg $ Volume
Market Tier           # of Securities    Dollar Volume      Per Security
-----------           ---------------   ---------------     ------------

OTCQX                       39          $1,086,802,539      $27,866,732
LSE AIM                     3,040       $7,576,767,305      $2,492,358
Pink Sheets                 5,138       $10,480,801,376     $2,039,860
TSX Venture                 2,431       $1,110,069,309      $456,631
OTCBB                       3,731       $1,073,412,121      $287,701

Liquidity follows transparency. Securities of Pink Sheets companies that provided current disclosure to the public markets either through a regulator or directly to Pink OTC Markets represented 86.7% of all the dollar volume traded in September:

Pink Sheets                                                 Avg. $ Volume
Market Tier           # of Securities % Total Dollar Volume Per Security
-----------           --------------- --------------------- ------------

Current Information         1,149             86.7%         $7,912,393
Limited Information         628               11.8%         $1,962,900
No Information              3,361             1.5%          $46,641

Increased transparency and trading efficiency have led to a tenfold expansion in OTC trading volumes since 2001:

Pink OTC Markets Annual Trading Volumes (includes both OTCQX and Pink
Year               Dollar Volume                    Share Volume
--------          ----------------                 ---------------
2008 YTD          $109,118,502,262                 459,814,677,493
2007              $162,905,110,913                 769,440,803,790
2006              $113,384,270,295               1,058,536,315,977
2005               $56,701,143,455                 597,022,266,202
2004               $50,664,705,773                 819,497,955,348
2003               $26,519,749,632                 187,539,605,819
2002               $20,147,942,092                  84,119,337,664
2001               $16,111,768,880                  72,102,169,207

Pink Link is the electronic messaging system used by traders to send, execute, negotiate or decline orders in OTCQX, Pink Sheets and OTCBB quoted securities. 37% of all OTCBB share trading volume takes place across Pink Link.

September 2008 Pink Link Volumes

                        Trades        Dollar Volume    Share Volume
                       -------       --------------   --------------
OTCQX / Pink Sheets    314,698       $3,246,625,933   17,831,138,370
OTCBB                  188,289         $340,564,055    8,080,608,000
Total                  502,987       $3,587,189,988   35,136,910,863

Pink OTC Markets community of competing Market Makers continues to grow in size and sophistication:

Top 25 Pink Link Broker Dealers for September 2008
MMID    Firm Name                             Share Volume   Dollar Volume
----    --------------------------------     --------------  -------------
AUTO    ATD Financial Svcs.                   6,138,592,623  1,119,589,344
NITE    Knight Equity Markets, LP            13,446,386,610    632,232,362
UBSS    UBS Securities LLC                    3,983,580,800    539,098,843
JANE    Jane Street Markets, LLC                 33,554,118    490,253,180
ARCA    Archipelago Trading Service             169,557,217    456,439,313
INTL    Intl Trading, Inc.                       25,559,403    374,997,023
MLCO    Merrill Lynch, Pierce, FS, Inc.          55,586,677    356,747,718
DOMS    Domestic Securities, Inc.             2,896,379,011    312,428,092
ABLE    Natixis Bleichroeder Inc.               568,374,962    249,991,076
HILL    Hill Thompson Magid & Co.             3,390,911,268    240,718,359
HDSN    Hudson Securities Inc                 2,691,474,584    210,854,114
ETRF    E*Trade Capital Markets LLC IMM          16,436,076    209,684,670
PERT    Pershing Trading Company                784,980,562    155,732,857
NOBL    Noble International Inc.                155,701,076    143,685,803
LABS    LaBranche Financial Services Inc        293,055,840    142,839,497
STEW    Collins Stewart Inc                      37,304,020    134,221,014
JEFF    Jefferies & Co., Inc.                    51,734,732    128,678,098
SBSH    Citigroup Global Markets Inc.           403,569,460    118,658,048
DBAB    Deutsche Bank Securities Inc.             7,604,149     82,524,511
GSCO    Goldman Sachs & Co.                     128,720,656     80,753,704
MAXM    Maxim Group LLC                         301,770,675     67,691,406
ETRD    E*Trade Capital Markets LLC           6,268,971,985     66,875,440
SSGI    Seton Securities Group Inc.             716,942,964     64,224,490
VNDM    Vandham Securities Corp.                676,041,566     57,326,613
CANT    Cantor Fitzgerald & Co., Inc.            33,462,378     50,119,503

All broker-dealers using Pink OTC Markets quotation and trading services are regulated by FINRA for their quotations, trade reporting and best execution of customer orders.

E*Trade, Fidelity, Scottrade, TD Ameritrade and other broker dealers provide real-time Pink OTC Markets quotation information to their customers for point and click trading and real-time market data is available from Bloomberg, Thompson Reuters, etc.


Launched in March 2007, OTCQX is the premier tier in the US over-the-counter markets. OTCQX offers the only listing process to distinguish trustworthy companies worthy of an investor's consideration from the rest of the OTC market. The world's best companies, including Adidas, Air-France KLM, BASF, Marks & Spencer, Benetton and Roche, use OTCQX as a convenient U.S. listing that offers a more efficient disclosure process than a traditional U.S. exchange. For more information and to see a full list of OTCQX listed companies, visit

About Pink OTC Markets Inc.

Pink OTC Markets Inc. provides the leading inter-dealer electronic quotation and trading system in the over-the-counter (OTC) securities market. We create innovative technology and data solutions to efficiently connect market participants, improve price discovery, increase issuer disclosure, and better inform investors. Pink OTC Markets operates the third largest U.S. equity trading venue which includes both the elite OTCQX market tiers for strong OTC-traded companies that can satisfy financial and disclosure listing standards and Pink Sheets for all other OTC quoted securities.

Over 230 financial service firms, including the ten largest U.S. investment banks, actively make markets in OTCQX and Pink Sheets quoted securities and in 2007 these firms traded over $160 billion of OTCQX and Pink Sheets securities. Pink OTC Markets offers widespread access to all U.S. broker-dealers, enabling investors to seamlessly trade these securities through their institutional, online, or full service brokers.

Pink OTC Markets is headquartered in New York City.

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