PinkWood Ltd.

PinkWood Ltd.

October 04, 2011 16:40 ET

PinkWood Ltd. Rebuilding Slave Lake

With New Innovative Fire Resistant Products for the Residential Construction Industry

SLAVE LAKE, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Oct. 4, 2011) -

PinkWood Ltd. is celebrating the first ALL PINK, fire resistant home in Slave Lake. The coating on the floor joists, roof trusses and framing materials will be coated with a unique pink colour that is fire, mold and moisture resistant – the coating will be donated by Pinkwood, Truebeam and Ray Stern Homes.

WHAT: PinkWood Ltd. will be celebrating the "ALL PINK" first fire resistant house in Slave Lake being built by Ray Stern Homes. The floor joists, roof trusses and framing materials supplied by Alberta Truebeam will all be coated by PinkWood with a non-toxic pink coating (PinkShield) that resists mold and moisture while providing added fire protection.

In addition to building a safer, healthier Slave Lake, Pinkwood along with TrueBeam and Ray Stern Homes is very proud to announce they are donating the fire, mold and moisture resistant PinkShield coating, for this home being rebuilt in Slave Lake.

A portion of proceeds from all PinkJoists sales goes towards the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. It will be announced the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation has received more than $21,000 in donations over the last year.

Ray Stern, former Mayor of Slave Lake and owner of Ray Stern Homes, will be including fire, mold and moisture resistant PinkJoists and PinkTrusses as a standard in all his homes with an option to upgrade to PinkLumber.

Please note: This is an open construction please wear appropriate footwear.

Donuts and refreshments will be provided.

WHO: Karina Pillay-Kinnee, Mayor of Slave Lake

Blair Nutting, VP Business Development, PinkWood Ltd.

Lana Guenther, Business Development Manager, PinkWood Ltd.

Kurtis Charchun, Coordinator, Urban Partnerships, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

Ray Stern, Owner, Ray Stern Homes

WHEN: Tuesday, October 11, 2011 at 11:00 am

Media is requested to at 10:50 am

WHERE: 5A & 5B Parkdale Way SE, Slave Lake

Pink balloons and directional signage will be displayed


PinkWood Ltd. is a Calgary based manufacturing company providing building products coated with a non-toxic, water-based coating that resists the growth of mold and rot fungus while providing added fire and moisture protection to homes. The company strongly believes in giving back to the community and donates a portion of all sales to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

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