FT Pipeline Systems

FT Pipeline Systems

December 16, 2011 12:00 ET

Pipe Systems Need to Be in Place for Growth in Demand of Natural Gas Says FT Pipeline Systems

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Dec. 16, 2011) - With demand for natural and unconventional gas continually growing, pipe networks need to be in place to ensure its consistent delivery, according to FT Pipeline Systems, the leading provider of steel and ductile iron pipes to the UK water and construction industries.

Natural gas prices have experienced volatility in recent times, which is reflective of the current state of the global economy. As the economy begins to settle, the price of natural gas will too, which may result in further demand for natural gas as a commercial and domestic source of fuel.

In addition, technological advances in the gas industry now allow gas providers to tap into fuel resources that were previously unavailable, such as unconventional gas. Demand for unconventional gas is also rising, since it is cost effective and has low carbon properties that are highly beneficial to utilities companies in trying to meet CO2-emission reduction targets.

Duncan Frazer, CEO of FT Pipeline Systems, said: "Evidence suggests that the demand for gas fuels such as natural gas and unconventional gas is increasing and as such it is vital that utilities companies have the pipe network infrastructure in place to ensure that the fuel is delivered consistently and efficiently.

"Having effective pipe networks in place from the outset will help utilities companies manage this growth in demand, enabling them to achieve additional profit whilst providing swift and reliable availability of gas for the end consumer."

FT Pipeline Systems is a leading provider of steel water pipes to the UK water industry, having serviced it for over 25 years. FT Pipeline Systems is able to provide pipes for a range of different materials, be it gas, potable water, sewage or slurry pipe networks, with linings and accessories suitable for the demands of the network and the conditions it must withstand.

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