October 10, 2006 08:00 ET

"Pirates of the Caribbean" and "'V' for Vendetta" Predicted to Have a Strong Showing This Halloween According to Fright Catalog's Site Search Data

Top Search Terms From SLI Systems' Learning Search™ Demonstrate Prevalence of Current Pop Culture Trends in Halloween Costumes

CUPERTINO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 10, 2006 -- With Halloween just around the corner, the mad rush for the perfect costume is on. This year, characters from the summertime box office blockbusters "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "'V' for Vendetta" are predicted to be among the most popular costumes, based on site search data pulled from SLI Systems' customer Fright Catalog ( With "pirate" and "V" among the top 10 keyword search terms used by visitors to the retailer's e-commerce site, SLI Systems, a provider of on-demand search services for Internet and e-commerce sites, expects that they will be among the top costume sellers this year.

The top search terms from SLI Systems' Learning Search™ hosted site search solution also showed that costumes of the spooky variety will be popular this year. Terms like "werewolf," "witch," "vampire" and "zombie" also topped the list of the most often used keywords.

Learning Search is a hosted site search solution that continually tracks visitors' aggregate search terms and the corresponding items clicked on, and uses that data to deliver results based on popularity. For example, if someone searches "werewolf" on, Learning Search automatically ranks the resulting items so that those with historically higher click-rates are listed at the top. In this example, the highest ranked item is the Werewolf Brown Costume, followed by the Grey Werewolf Mask.

"SLI's Learning Search is a great way for us to learn from user behavior to identify what's most popular year to year," said Kristina Malo, marketing director for Fright Catalog. "Typically, Halloween costumes are taken from current events or personalities in entertainment and politics, and by tracking the terms people use most to search the site and the corresponding items they click on, we can fairly safely predict what's going to be hot this year -- and it's always different from the year prior."

Fright Catalog has used SLI's Learning Search hosted site search and Site Champion automated SEO solutions since February 2005. Since that time the company has consistently seen increases in sales resulting from site search and SEO activity, and has also been better able to keep up with the high-volume demand during the peak Halloween season. In fact, a search on Yahoo! on the term "werewolf costumes" brings up Fright Catalog as the number one non-sponsored result, due to Site Champion.

"Site Champion is a big help for helping our site get more visibility," said Malo. "We're currently getting about 2,000 referrals a day from Web searches, which is quite a bit -- especially since we're still not fully into our peak season yet. The combination of both Learning Search and Site Champion is helping us achieve our goals for sales growth better than we imagined."

"Our site search solution makes learning fun for our customers and for us," said Dr. Shaun Ryan, CEO of SLI Systems. "Since Learning Search is a purely managed solution, customers like Fright Catalog get to just sit back and watch the results as they happen -- and we both gain valuable insight into the current trends in a particular shopping segment. In this case, knowing the popular Halloween costumes beforehand makes the holiday extra exciting, as we get a sneak peek at what people will be dressed up as before everyone else."

About Learning Search and Site Champion

Learning Search and Site Champion are built on SLI Systems' patented advanced search behavior analytics engine. Learning Search is a hosted site search solution that continually tracks visitors' aggregate search terms and the corresponding items clicked on, and uses that data to improve the relevance of the site search results. Learning Search also gives customers the option to refine the results by category, manufacturer or price band and sort them by highest or lowest price, and provides additional related search terms which help users further refine their searches. Learning Search is supplemented with a new, free Site Search Feedback Tool, which is designed to help e-commerce and other Web sites better understand the quality of their site search functionality based on customer input. More information is available at

Site Champion is an automated search engine optimization service that integrates with Learning Search, tracking visitors' search terms and using them to automatically create related search links for each page of a retailer's site. When visitors click on these "related search" links they are presented with site search results for that term, directing them to additional relevant content and commerce opportunities. The "related search" links make it easier for site visitors to find what they want and help retailers generate more sales. The links also drive more natural search traffic to a retailer's site by giving the retailer's results pages links that are crawled by search engine spiders.

Other companies that use SLI Systems' hosted search offerings include Chiasso, Ulta, Tupperware, Harry and David, Smith & Hawken, NRS (Northwest River Supplies), Mikasa, and, among others.

About Fright Catalog is one of the top and fastest growing online and catalog retailers in the scary and sometimes weird world of Halloween merchandise. Customers have Halloween Delivered from a name they can trust. On the cutting edge of all things creepy, the company offers thousands of products, spanning more than 150 blood-curdling categories, including props, costumes, masks, movie-themed items, accessories, make-up, prosthetics, animatronics, and special effects.

About SLI Systems

SLI Systems is the developer of learning-based search technology for corporate Internet sites, e-commerce destinations and consumer Internet portals that Searches, Learns and Improves the user experience. SLI Systems' hosted site search, and automated SEO and SEM solutions empower businesses to enhance customer satisfaction while increasing sales, reducing costs and yielding valuable customer information. Unlike traditional search software, SLI Systems' patented technology continuously "learns" from the behavior of visitors over time to deliver more relevant results. Current customers include, NBC, Tupperware, and others. SLI Systems is a privately held company, with offices in Silicon Valley, London, and Christchurch, New Zealand. For more information, visit

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