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September 04, 2009 18:33 ET

Pitching Mommy Bloggers: Top Women Online Influencers Reveal Best PR Pitches and Strategies

Top Women Online Influencers Reveal Best PR Pitches and Strategies to Drive 42 Million Consumers to Your Product or Service -- New Audio Conference, Thursday, September 17, 2009

OAKLAND, CA--(Marketwire - September 4, 2009) - Women influence 85% of all consumer purchases in the U.S. and wield $5 trillion in purchasing power. But reaching women -- because of varied lifestyles, life stages, behaviors and information-consumption habits -- can be challenging. The good news: Social media and "mommy bloggers" have emerged as hugely trusted sources, resources and referral networks among women. In fact, there are 42 million women involved in social media weekly -- and about half of them are moms with children at home. Of those, about 11.5 million moms are actively taking part in the blogosphere. So how can a PR professional reach and engage with this huge audience of moms? What are the rules of pitching mommy bloggers? How does a PR person know which blogs are best for them or their client? How does one build long-term relationships with these online influencers? How has the "momosphere" changed in light of the economic downturn and new consumer hot buttons? How are major brands interacting successfully with moms online -- and what best practices can one emulate? Can a PR professional tap Twitter or other social media channels to become part of the online conversation with mommy bloggers? Join Bulldog Reporter's PR University and our panel of top mommy bloggers and expert Stephanie Azzarone with Child's Play Communications for the answers to these and other critical questions designed to break down today's best blog-pitching practices so PR professionals can learn the latest trends, topics, issues and communications strategies that work to reach and influence this coveted, market.

This exclusive PR University audio conference takes place on Thursday, September 17th, at 1PM EDT (noon CDT, 11AM MDT; 10AM PDT). The panelists are:

-- Liz Thompson, Featured Blogger, "Disney's"; Contributer, "New Jersey Moms Blog"; Columnist, "The Imperfect Parent"; Publisher, "This Full House," "This Full House Kids," "This Full House Reviews"

-- Christine Young, Blogger, "From Dates to Diapers"; Spokesperson, "Johnson's Baby"; Contributer, Wal-Mart's "ElevenMoms"

-- Liz Gumbinner, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, "Cool Mom Picks"

-- Gayla Baer, Publisher, "MomGadget"

-- Renee Aka Mekhishom, Publisher, "Cutie Booty Cakes"

-- Stephanie Azzarone, President, Child's Play Communications; Blogger, ""

This 90-minute audio conference will give public relations professionals actionable insights, tips and skills on how to break into the mommy blogs. The key takeaways are:

--  Why Mommy Blogs, Why Now: The incredible growth, reach and influence
    of the "momosphere" -- and why this influential online demographic must be
    a part of every media relations program today
--  Hot Buttons and Topics: Family, safety, children -- the concepts,
    trends, products, services and influencers that appeal most to the "mom
    market" -- and how to incorporate them into your pitches and programs
--  What Motivates Mommy Bloggers: Key insights into the mindset fueling
    the "momosphere" revolution -- and how to use that knowledge to protect and
    promote your brand or product
--  Targeting Essentials: How each of our mommy bloggers view their
    editorial missions, the stories they blog about and how to make sure your
    ideas match their pitch preferences
--  Monitoring Mommy Blogs: Best ways to find, monitor and analyze online
    influencers in your particular market... and what to do with them once
    they're on your radar
--  The Truth about Twitter and Twit Pitches: Top micro-blogging tools and
    how mommy bloggers are using them -- plus how PR can (and can't) join the
--  New rules for crafting irresistible mommy blog pitches -- the story
    elements and exclusive pegs that resonate with these bloggers and how to
    use them to generate wide coverage
--  Multimedia to Pitch Now: Online video, multimedia, podcasts -- the new
    media assets that mommy bloggers say sweeten the pitch and boost your
    chances of getting posted
--  How to know when to respond to online rumors... and when to keep quiet
--  Mommy Blog Pitching Faux Pas to Avoid: Traditional PR practices that
    earn negative coverage from bloggers -- and how to avoid these common
--  How the best PR pros have gained the ear -- and trust -- of key mommy
    bloggers and how you too can build relationships with top online
--  How to participate in online conversations about your product, service
    or company without alienating or inflaming the "momosphere"
--  How to add mommy blogs outreach to traditional media plans -- plus
    quick and easy tips for launching or improving your own blog
--  What's Next: Online social networks, virtual worlds, wikis and other
    new media trends the "mom market" is turning to -- and how to incorporate
    these Web 2.0 tools into your program

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