April 01, 2015 08:00 ET

Pitooey!, Inc. Updates the Market, Announces New CEO, New Name Change to RAADR and Requests for New Trading Symbol

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwired - April 01, 2015) - PITOOEY!, ™ Inc. (OTCQB: PTOO), is excited to announce the company is changing its name to RAADR to better reflect the nature of its business operations including its web-based platform and its wholly owned artificial intelligent proprietary technology application RAADR© , a software development and mobile application developer. Shareholder approval for the name change was obtained on March 25, 2015 at the company meeting. PTOO will submit an application to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) for a market announcement of the name change and request for a symbol change, a process that is expected to take place in the near future, coupled with a new CUSIP number. PTOO plans on aggressively pursuing its business strategy to grow its wholly owned artificial intelligent RAADR© application, a web-based platform designed for parents and guardians to monitor children's social media and online activity.

The company would also like to announce that Mr. Jacob DiMartino was appointed as the new CEO of PTOO as of March 25, 2015. The company would like to let the market know it has been working countless hours to be able to properly launch and rollout its business plan with RAADR©. Furthermore, PTOO plans on keeping the market and its shareholders fully abreast of current and ongoing events moving forward. It feels it's very important in today's market to remain transparent with its shareholders.

PTOO CEO, Jacob DiMartino stated, "We're committed to positioning PTOO into a significant web/technology-based company focused on developing and exploiting the safeguarding of our children using the internet and social media. The new name change and symbol request is just one of many great things to come as I help lead this company into a transition of rapid growth. I feel this is just the beginning platform for future opportunities. We anticipate additional announcements near term which will include new ventures, partners and the development of key components of our RAADR© business."

"RAADR© is positioned to be the next leading artificial intelligent web-based application that provides a portal to assist parents and responsible adults in safeguarding that their children and or child's virtual and social media (comprised of countless hours each day) is a safe and responsible one."

The new RAADR© app's focus is broad-based, but provides a specific and meaningful download of information regarding exposure to inappropriate materials (i.e. pornography), association with inappropriate parties (i.e. predatory adults), peer abuse (i.e. bullying and attacks on self-esteem), exposure to illegal substances and/or alcohol, or general anti-social behavior that could harm individuals, their peers, support groups, and their adult mentor(s).

RAADR© identifies potential circumstances and situations in which your child could be led astray or faced with harm. Unlike other social mention apps, RAADR© does not presume adversity; it builds collaboration and trust with your child-and, RAADR© is focused as much on your child's protection as it is on your child's exploits. It also provides parents the comfort of knowing that their children are not the ones imposing the abuse."

Who is RAADR©? What is RAADR©? As the digital world of the 21st Century continues to evolve, parents, guardians, and children are faced with challenges and threats not just in the real world, but in the omnipresent realm of Social Media as well. PITOOEY! INC., makers of the artificial intelligent proprietary technology application RAADR© have developed a web based tool that provides families with peace of mind when it comes to knowing that children are safe from bullying and predatory behavior unfortunately so prevalent today. By customizing their own unique monitoring and alert settings, parents and guardians can be alerted when their children's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other pertinent social media platforms under scrutiny become posted with inappropriate language. By utilizing customized keywords chosen by the user that are added to an already existing database, parents and guardians can carry a sense of assuredness that the youth they love and are responsible for are safe and acting in a fun, yet appropriate manner. No parent or guardian has the time or resources to be in constant surveillance of all the Social Media platforms in which their children might be active. Nor do most children want intense scrutiny of their updates and postings, despite the best intentions. You want to trust your children, while at the same time knowing that you are protecting them. RAADR© gives families the ability to protect their image, combat erroneous postings and for individuals safeguard their children from online bullying. PITOOEY! INC. makers of the proprietary technology application RAADR© is a software development and mobile application developer formed in late 2012. The Company's core competency is focused on building and acquiring apps and other products, services and companies to build a nationwide network of related businesses that are positioned to serve the mobile app development needs of small businesses and individuals. Read more at:

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