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September 09, 2009 11:26 ET

Pivotal Veracity Launches 1st Ever Customer-Level Email Deliverability, Rendering and Reputation Tracking With MailboxIQ

Patent-Pending Technology Provides Email Marketers Unmatched, Customer-Level Insight Across Digital Communication Platforms

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - September 9, 2009) - Pivotal Veracity, the industry leader in multi-channel email optimization solutions, announced today the launch of MailboxIQ, an exclusive, patent-pending technology that provides customer level tracking of email deliverability, rendering and reputation across mobile, social, search and traditional web and software-based email platforms. The first and only solution of its kind, MailboxIQ gives mailers the tools to dramatically improve the relevancy and ROI of their campaigns through unprecedented multi-channel customer-level intelligence on where and how their customers are engaging with their email communications.

MailboxIQ is a game-changing innovation for deliverability and reputation tracking

Ever since there was an inbox and a spam folder, mailers have needed insight into which folder their email was being placed. Prior to MailboxIQ, the only solution available to mailers was to mail a copy of their email campaign to a small list of mailer-owned or 3rd party "seed" addresses whereby placement could be checked by logging into each of the mailboxes. Typically comprised of a mere 10 email addresses per ISP, a mailer would then have to rely upon this -- at best -- directional non-customer data to guess-timate their actual deliverability to thousands or millions of real customers. MailboxIQ does not need to identify the disposition of test or "seed" addresses because MailboxIQ is the 1st solution in the world to identify the folder disposition of the sender's real emails to their real customers and feeds this information back to the mailer at the customer level -- giving mailers the most accurate and comprehensive tracking of deliverability ever.

In addition to tracking inbox and spam folder placement, MailboxIQ gives senders their first ability to identify which emails are being actively moved by their customers to personal folders and/or the trash folder and also identifies other critical reputation metrics such as which customers add the sender to their address book, report their message as spam, and/or forward the message using their email client.

MailboxIQ tracks how and where customers use Mobile, Social, Search, Web and Software platforms to access emails

MailboxIQ's deliverability and reputation intelligence is further enhanced with direct tracking of which email clients (e.g. Lotus Notes, Hotmail, Outlook, iPhone, MySpace) and platforms (Mobile, Social Networks, Web Clients) the customer is using to access and/or share the email with friends and colleagues. This allows marketers to strategically improve the recipient's experience by optimizing their design and content to match the unique platform preferences of each customer as well as identify their own social influencers.

"Mailbox IQ is a game-changing technology that opens up a wealth of never-before-had, highly actionable knowledge to email senders," said Deirdre Baird, founder and chief executive officer, Pivotal Veracity, "It offers the clearest picture yet of what happens to email campaigns after senders deploy them into the Internet stratosphere, empowering them with critical intelligence that translates into better deliverability, more relevant and engaging communications, and a competitive advantage that drives bottom-line dollars and cents."

Innovative features uniquely introduced by MailboxIQ include:

-- Deliverability and reputation tracking at the customer level at millions
   of B2C and B2B domains worldwide. MailboxIQ is the 1st and only solution
   in the world to identify the folder disposition of the sender's real
   emails to their real customers, giving senders the most accurate and
   comprehensive view ever on deliverability and empowering them to rapidly
   diagnose and address deliverability and reputation problems at the

-- Multi-platform rendering intelligence. MailboxIQ enables senders to
   identify when and on which devices and tools subscribers are reading
   email -- whether on their home PCs, work laptops or mobile phones.

-- Turnkey identification of social influence. MailboxIQ enables marketers
   to identify which social networking sites are most popular with their
   customers, to which campaigns are being forwarded to friends and

"With MailboxIQ, it's easier than ever to identify everything from which of your subscribers are 'Road Warriors' who are always checking out your messages on their Blackberry and iPhone, to which are most frequently sharing your offers with their friends on Facebook and Twitter," said Baird. "You can find out who your biggest email brand advocates are and leverage this intelligence and interactivity to drive even greater customer engagement and more revenue from future campaigns."

MailboxIQ can be accessed through a secure online portal that provides the industry's most robust monitoring and measurement tools. Customers also have the option to use Pivotal Veracity's secure API to download MIQ results for match-back to customer files and integration with triggered marketing campaigns.

For more information about MailboxIQ and to request a demo, mailers may visit:

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