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March 05, 2014 09:00 ET

Pixalate Introduces Real-Time Ad Fraud Detection

Ad Tech Company Offers New Way to Block Malicious Traffic and Prevent Wasted Spend on Fraudulent Inventory

SAN ANTONIO, TX--(Marketwired - Mar 5, 2014) - Pixalate, the ad tech data company that brings efficiency to programmatic advertising for display, video and mobile, today announced the launch of its new real-time fraud blocking technology. In addition to helping advertisers maximize their ad spend, Pixalate now protects its customers from losing money on fraudulent inventory through real-time detection and ad blocking.

According to the International Advertising Bureau, ad fraud is on track to cost marketers over $11 billion this year. Experts estimate nearly 1/3 of all online ad inventory is fraudulent. Today's introduction of Pixalate's real-time ad fraud detection and blocking technology can help combat some of these larger issues found within the real-time bidding (RTB) ad space. When using RTB, advertisers bid to buy impressions in an auction-based bidding system with little insight to the credibility of each impression. Pixalate's technology brings trust and transparency to this process.

The company's new fraud detection and blocking technology is the latest advancement in its product portfolio. Unlike passive fraud detection solutions that notify users once money has been wasted on fraudulent inventory, Pixalate offers immediate detection and blocking of malicious traffic before ads are served preventing advertisers from being double charged and enables organizations to be more efficient with their media spend. New features include:

  • Real-time detection. Pixalate blocks fraudulent ad requests, keeping the ad from serving through impression level pass backs or by blocking the ad request all together.
  • Blocks malicious traffic. Before calling the ad server, Pixalate prevents double charging by the ad server.
  • Smart ad tag container. Enables easy integration and operation of fraud blocking; as well as streamlined pixel and tag management for ad serving. With Pixalate's smart ad tag container, pixels and tags can be updated in multiple locations, with a single update.

"Advertisers are wasting millions of dollars per year on fraudulent ads. Ad fraud is a chronic problem in the industry and we are on the front line, fighting against it with data-driven insights and technology," Pixalate CEO, Jalal Nasir, said. "I am thrilled to announce this real-time fraud detection technology to better serve our customers. At Pixalate, we are relentlessly focused on helping publishers, networks, agencies and brands become more efficient and maximize ROI in their programmatic advertising."

Top brands already taking advantage of Pixalate technology include: TripAdvisor, Orange Telecom, and The company offers its basic, fraud detection and analytics capabilities free to new users, as well as a comprehensive enterprise solution for power users. For more information on pricing, please visit:

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Co-founded in 2011 by Jalal Nasir and Amin Bandeali, Pixalate is an ad tech data company that brings efficiency to programmatic advertising for display, video and mobile. Its proprietary technology analyzes massive data in real-time and enables media buyers to extract data, compare ad server performance, and expose waste and discrepancy within their digital campaigns. A real-time analytics "dashboard" tracks viewability and attribution and exposes fraud in one easy-to-navigate page. Pixalate is integrated with digital advertising companies such as AppNexus, OpenX, RightMedia, MediaMath, Google AdSense, and DoubleClick Ad Exchange and Turn. For more information, visit

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