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September 08, 2009 11:00 ET

PlainView Systems Introduces First Ever BtoB Medical Marijuana Marketplace in California

PlainView Systems Compassionate Care Marketplace Is the First Online Community to Facilitate Transparency and Compliance Within the Framework of Prop 215 and SB420

SONOMA, CA--(Marketwire - September 8, 2009) - PlainView Systems, LLC, the first business to business medical marijuana marketplace, introduced today its PlainView System Compassionate Care Marketplace, or CCM. PlainView is a secure traceable transaction system allowing suppliers of medical marijuana to achieve fiduciary compliance while procuring supplies for their dispensaries, with full accounting of the transaction for state and municipal compliance.

Estimates for the medical marijuana market are $2 billion in California but services are lacking to help legitimize and support businesses in this industry. Until now, the medical marijuana community has been challenged by inconsistent supply channels, untraceable cash transactions, complex compliance issues and loss of state and municipal revenue streams. PlainView was created to solve each of these challenges.

"We are so excited to be launching the PlainView CCM today. We've built a sustainable business in response to the growing demand for compassionate care providers and distributors to have a safe and secure network to organize their operations," said John Lee, CEO and founder of PlainView Systems. "PlainView is built on transparency, compliance and trust. We do all the heavy lifting, so the only thing businesses have to worry about is getting the right medicine to patients."

The PlainView CCM is distinguished with these benefits:

--  Expanded, streamlined, consistent supply channels
--  Credit card, bank transactions
--  Accurate compliance reporting
--  Co-ops for increased buying power
--  Potential for additional state and municipal revenue

As a result of its strict individual screening process, PlainView is creating a community of people and organizations who are licensed and meeting all the requirements of California state law. The PlainView CCM provides the ability to manage prescriptions, detailed billing and transaction records and other extensive data management capabilities. Businesses can easily integrate with popular accounting software, generate tax forms, and set reminders of important state and local tax dates, so that they never miss important deadlines and remain 100 percent traceable and compliant with local regulations.

Other benefits include:

--  Connect with consistent suppliers of medicine or a medicinal variety.
    PlainView Systems CCM gives businesses an edge by being a part of an
    expanding network of licensed growers, dispensaries, food suppliers. Take
    advantage by creating online co-ops to increase buying power.
--  Generate up-to-the minute statements to show that all transactions
    have occurred between licensed individuals. Eliminating the need for cash
    transactions, and therefore reducing the chances for misunderstandings with
    state and local entities.
--  Create instant reports, tax form generation, and set reminders of when
    to file tax forms.
--  Add predictability into your business. PlainView Systems CCM
    marketplace informational ticker gives organizations the current prices for
    medicine allowing businesses to leverage with other sellers to create
    supply channels that move product efficiently.
--  Create private catalogs inviting only premier customers to
    participate, or to test out new varieties of medicine before they become
    available in the public market.

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About PlainView Systems

PlainView Systems' Compassionate Care Marketplace provides a business-to-business exchange for licensed providers of medical marijuana products and services in a totally compliant, secure and transparent environment. PlainView Systems LLC is based in Sonoma, California. Visit for more information. All participating members of PlainView CCM must comply with California Health and Safety Code HS. 11362.5(a)(b)(l), 113562.7(h), Prop 215 and SB 420. PlainView does not extend memberships outside the state of California.

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