Plan Insurance

Plan Insurance

March 30, 2014 13:26 ET

Plan Insurance to Replace Human Sales Agents With Revolutionary Robots

The insurance gurus have their sights set on a mechanical workforce in an aim for higher efficiency at a lower price

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - March 30, 2014) - Sales agents at Plan Insurance [] will be replaced by a mechanical team of robots by the start of 2018 in a bid to cut costs for clients.

The reputable insurance company will become the first in the industry to modernise their processes with a team of state-of-the-art "Plan Bots". The prototype has already had glowing reviews after a rigourous testing process, being praised for its ability to take up to 15 calls at once without the need of a break, refreshment or - most importantly - a paycheck.

Plan Insurance Managing Director Ryan Georgiades says the company has always aimed to be a frontrunner in modern and cutting edge technology. "We have always sought to modernise, streamline and add value on behalf of our clients. Much like our current workforce, PlanBot will be educated to understand that broking is not merely about selecting the lowest available premium, but by determining the quality of cover on offer."

The company joins a growing list of heavyweights to opt for mechanic power over man power to increase productivity and efficiency, such as Google's daring move to create driverless cars. Plan Insurance state they have always been receptive to drastic measures when it comes to technology, and they plan to implement their newest additions by early 2018 at the latest. The company is already encouraging their current employees to be on the lookout for jobs, with their future at the company uncertain.

Georgiades explains that the bold move from humans to Plan Bots will be vital to ensuring the company maintains an exceptional level of client satisfaction in a highly-competitive market. Plan Bots still have to undergo further testing to iron out any kinks existing in their current programming, but Plan Insurance are confident the exceptional results from their mechanical employees will ensure the plans will go to schedule.

Plan Insurance have been brokering motor trade insurance since 2001, and are respected for providing high-quality insurance packs for taxis, trucks, chauffeurs and commercial vans. The move to Plan Bots sales agents is set save on costs for both company and consumer.

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