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March 05, 2012 16:00 ET

Plandai Biotechnology, Inc. Discusses Advantages of Its Green Tea Extract Over Competing Technology

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - Mar 5, 2012) - Plandaí Biotechnology, Inc. (OTCBB: PLPL) Chief Executive Officer Roger Duffield today addressed the science behind the company's green tea gallate catechin extract, explaining why Plandaí has a competitive advantage over other bioceutical extracts.

Medical research has long acknowledged the benefits of a diet rich in antioxidants for aiding in cardiovascular health and boosting the immune system. Antioxidants occur naturally within the human body, with the supplement market existing to increase antioxidant levels to their optimum. Antioxidants include Vitamin C found in fresh fruits and vegetables, carotenoids (including lycopene) also found in fruits and vegetable with a high concentration in tomatoes, and flavonoids which are found in tea, red wine, chocolate and cinnamon.

In human tissue, antioxidants are normally found in both cis and trans isomer compounds in a 50/50 ratio. The fruits, vegetables and other antioxidants we consume, however, typically have a 95/5 ratio. Even the extracts sold as supplements maintain this ratio. Synthetic supplements, which may be formulated to the ideal 50/50 ratio are often difficult for the body to absorb and may cause side effects.

Plandaí's Phytofare™ Green Tea Gallate Catechin Extract is processed to deliver a highly bioavailable, antioxidant-rich material to a level many times that of other green tea extracts through the creation of the desired ratio of cis/trans isomers. Mr. Duffield added, "Research has shown that green tea gallate catechins are extremely active antioxidants and in a bioavailable form, are able to protect the red and white blood cells against attack. Plandaí's Phytofare™ Green Tea Gallate Catechin Extract offers disease prevention and does not provide a cure. For patients suffering from a compromised immune system, including those undergoing chemotherapy or suffering from Malaria, HIV-1 and other immunosuppressant diseases, we believe our extract offers meaningful protection to the individuals compromised immune system."

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Plandaí Biotechnology, Inc., through its recent acquisition of Global Energy Solutions, Ltd. and its subsidiaries, focuses on the farming of whole fruits, vegetables and live plant material and the production of proprietary functional foods and botanical extracts for the health and wellness industry. Its principle holdings consist of land, farms and infrastructure in South Africa.

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