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September 17, 2010 18:07 ET

Planet Antares Scam Solutions Offers Tips to Avoid Debt Collection Complaints

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - September 17, 2010) -  The Federal Trade Commission and states' Attorneys General are receiving an increasing number of consumer complaints regarding abusive and fraudulent third-party debt collection practices. Planet Antares Scam Solutions has heard that some consumers are saying they've been badgered by third-party collectors for old debts or debts that simply didn't exist.

Consumers say that the debt collectors often approach them by sending a letter or by phone and frequently fail to provide enough information to help the consumer determine whether the debt collection is legal under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Planet Antares Scam Solutions offers a few tips to help consumers avoid being scammed by phony or fraudulent debt collection agencies.

States regulate the amount of time a debt collector has to collect a debt. Some debts are deemed uncollectable after just a few years, while other may stay on the books for as many as seven years. Planet Antares Scam Solutions recommends consumers to research the debt collection rules that apply to their states, to understand when a debt is no longer collectable.

According to federal law, debt collectors must not contact a consumer by phone if the consumer has issued a cease contact order in writing. Upon request, the debt collector must also produce proof of debt and proof that the original creditor assigned the debt to the agency for collection.

Some collection agencies try to reactivate "zombie debt," or debt that was written off by the original creditor. Such debt cannot be reactivated once the original creditor has deemed it to be uncollectable. Some collectors also try to collect debts that have already been paid. Planet Antares Scam Solutions recommends that consumers maintain proof of payment of debts in collection.

Debt collectors are not allowed to abuse, threaten, harass or intimidate consumers in collection. Consumers are encouraged to file complaints with both the Federal Trade Commission and their state's Attorney General. When filing a complaint that alleges abusive debt collection practices, consumers should be prepared to provide details about the alleged abuse, including the names of collectors; times and dates of their calls and what they said or did. If the collector leaves an abusive voice mail message, consumers should save the message to support their complaints.

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